The most amazing and healthy ice-cream

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If you are in love with ice-ceam, a place named Slascicarna Pasticceria in Izola will become a new favorite of yours. Here you can eat pastry as well, and some of the cakes look amazing ,but if you ever drop by, the ice cream is the most amazing thing about the place.

You will find that they have all sorts of tastes, and a normal ice cream costs around 1,4 Euro. But, it is when you start looking at those costing 2 Euro that you will be surprised. Most of these are 100% fruit, and my favorite is the 100% mango ice cream. No sugar is added to the ice cream, but some of them are sweetend by stevia. It should also be said that they have 100% raspberry and 100% strawberry ice creams, and also an amazing chocolate ice cream without any added sugar, pineapple (100%) ice cream and several others.



Since it also is a confectionary, you should be able to enjoy a lot of cakes, and also a cup of coffee next to your ice cream. This place is perfect to visit during the summer, but this ice cream is worth eating all year around.

Maybe you find 2 Euro a lot for one portion of ice cream, but as you can see on the mango ice cream picture above, these are big portions and it has an incredible taste. Check it out when you come to Izola in Slovenia.

Restaurant Information

Slascicarna Jadran
Ribiška ulica 14, 6310 Izola - Isola, Slovenia

The most amazing and healthy ice-cream
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Wow! I have never had an ice cream like that before. It looks so yummy.