Fresh pastry in Pekarna Panifico Izola

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During my recent trip to Izola, I was lucky enough to visit the Pekarna Panificio in Izola. This is a perfect place if you want to grab a breakfast in Izola, and they have some fantastic pastry available.

One of my favorite ways to start the day in Slovenia is by eating a donut. They have a lot of donuts available, and even though it might not be the healthiest way to start the day, it is for sure a good one. My favorite donut is with chocolate on the outside and lots of vanilla on the inside, but unfortunately, I didn't find that one anymore. But, in the Pekarna Izola, I found an awesome vanilla donut, just without the chocolate on the top. But, it was packed with vanilla on the inside, so I didn't suffer much from the lack of chocolate on the top.




They also have bread, sandiwches, and everything you need for a breakfast, so either be it a healthy breakfast (sandwich), or some sugared pastsry, you find it here. It is possible to take the pastry away, or you can eat it on the spot and enjoy your breakfast at the place.

No matter what you choose, this is a perfect place for Slovenian pastry for breakfast, and it will do you much better than what you find in the popular local stores like Spar, Lidl, and Hofer! And the prices are also nice, so a fabulous fank will not cost you more than 1 Euro!

Restaurant Information

Pekarna Panificio
Ljubljanska ulica, 6310 Izola - Isola, Slovenia

Fresh pastry in Pekarna Panifico Izola
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Everything just looks so good in that place