Lunchtime Tapa's in KGB Malaga Spain . A Tasteem Review.

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This week myself and my wife decided to head down to Malaga Spain for some R&R and some great food. We love our tapas so where best to go other than Malaga which is known for it's quirky tapas bars. I have lived in Spain for over a year and I know the real tapas bars are places you stand up at the counter and eat your food.
We were recommended a tapas bar called KGB which is just off the main shopping street in the city centre.
We found it easy enough. We were recommended the burger which I was looking forward to eating. It wasn't necessarily a Spanish tapa but it was done in a tapa's way.
So when we walked in I was happy to see the traditional tapas set up. Like a bar in a pub. No tables although there was a couple at the end of the restaurant.

2019-04-03 13.06.40_preview.jpeg

2019-04-03 13.06.31_preview.jpeg

We received the wine list but it is lunch time at a tapas bar! Two small beers was a must.

2019-04-03 13.30.26_preview.jpeg

So we received the main menu but at the back was their top ten tapas so we went straight to this as it was only lunchtime so 3 tapas was enough. The burgers were a given as they were number 1 on the list. Everyone gotta have patata bravas also so we went for the chicken Marguerita Cocktail as our third choice.

Screenshot 2019-04-06 at 22.39.56.png

So tapas bars are great because you get the food whenever it was ready so the burgers came out first. Mini burgers a bit like sliders but believe me they filled me as mush as a 1/2 pounder. They were so rich that I was actually full after them. They were by far the nicest burger I have ever had. It wasn't any surprise that I found out the the restaurant received a michelin star in 2018. The patata bravas came out shortly after. They were delicious also. Unbelieveable. We went for the "divorce " option with two sauces on the dish. The traditional red sauce and then a lighter garlic creamy white sauce.

2019-04-03 13.11.50_preview.jpeg

Then the chicken Marguerita came out. It was different than what Ive ever had before. The marguerita were a foam like texture and it complemented the chicken very well although there was quite alot of it.


We decided to have one more tapa and we went for the pulled pork tacos which were messy but delicious. The pullled pork was behind the bravas on the photo below.

2019-04-04 13.39.38_preview.jpeg

All in all the KGB restaurant in Malaga did quirky tapas that were a taste sensation. We went back a day later because it was so nice. If you are ever in Malaga go to KGB and you will not be disappointed.
I highly recommend it.

Restaurant Information

Calle Fresca, 12, 29015 Málaga, Spain

Lunchtime Tapa's in KGB Malaga Spain . A Tasteem Review.
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Hey, @blanchy.

That all looks great. I've never eaten tapas before. So, I'm reading that they're supposed to be like bite sized, or appetizers, but they can become a part of a meal? That sounds awesome and kind of mind boggling all at the same time.

I think I'm going to have to see about making something. There may be a couple of places in a neighboring town, but how would I know how authentic they are? I've really not had much as far as actual Spanish food goes. I did have Paella once. In Mexico. :)


@glenalbrethsen . Yes they are bit size little meals. Some are larger than others . But don’t let them fool you . They will fill you. A tapas meal is great because if you are still hungry you just keep ordering! The menu stays on the table . A normal meal for two would start with around 3 to start and you share normally. Then you may order two more depending on the hunger levels. Also as I said the food comes when it is ready so it is best to start with 2 or three. When I first tried tapas I was a bit reluctant as I love my starter main course and dessert but it’s great trying lots of different dishes and sharing with your family. Paella would be a common tapa on the menus. Fish would be a big on the menus also.


Okay. Sounds like I should at least try some of the nearest places where they make tapas, and get a variety to try. I don't normally stay to eat in a restaurant because I'm by myself, but it sounds like this might be best to do with everyone.

There's always more food to try. :)

You and your wife always seem to be jetting off somewhere together. How sweet. Today my husband and I watched my son get his karate pictures done together. Lol. That must count for something.


When you live in paradise there’s Ian no need to jet to the sun! -1 in Ireland today coming home! 😱😱😱

I thought you said you were full after the burger, but then you ordered the pulled pork as an extra to put you over the top.What are holidays for though, but to eat and drink too much. Glad you guys enjoyed yourselves though and are back safely.


I knew you would spot that!! 😂. I'm like a cow. I have 2 stomachs.

Wonderful review and photos were great. I'm so glad to stop by and i enjoyed your post!


Thanks for stopping by again @harmonyval . Much appreciated

Is this the same burger brand in Malaysia? Killer Burger Gourment?

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

No I know the one but this one is an independent tapas bar . It even won a Michelin star in 2018.


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howdy sir blanchy! what in the Samhill is a tapas? And what is a chicken Marguerita and a patata bravas? I have no idea what you talkin about boy! lol. But it looked good although the burgers looked totally alien to me! The other stuff I have no clue what it was but I'm glad it was good and this was a great review.


@janton you uncultured Man! You need to take a trip down south of your border and Pablo Will tells you what a tapas is . Hurry now before the wall is built !! 😂😂😂


haha! howdy sir blanchy! hey that ain't fair, now I gotta look it up!