Chat Papadi- HAPPY VAISHNO DHABA #BeVeggie :-) Tasteem Review # 5

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Hi Buddy, I am back again with another Review Blog and it gonna be for Be Veggie Contest. Well, as usual on Sunday I used to eat something Savoury food that has sweet as well and would be good for health as well. This time I go to the small Restro near me named Happy Vaishno Dhaba as it is named as Vaishno that means they only serve Veg Food. No Non-veg asking for Non-veg food here is like asking for kideny. lol... Just kidding



Well, I had a small hunger at that time so I order One Plate of "Chat Papadi" which is made of Puri, Curd, Ketchup and few more ingridients.


The taste is superb and good for small hunger but if you had big one then you should try somethng else. Along with Chat Papadi I also ordered Cold Drink that makes it complete.

If I talk about rating then I would like to give this Restro 4.5 out of 5 and this is becuase they took less time to prepare my order and has a good environment to enjoy the food. The Restro has many dishes to try and I have tried few and My experience was quite good.

If you have any query then feel free to discuss with me in comment.

Don't get Stressed, Stay Blessed.

Restaurant Information

Civil Hospital Road, Garden Colony, Kharar, Punjab 140301, India

Chat Papadi- HAPPY VAISHNO DHABA #BeVeggie :-) Tasteem Review # 5
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That just looks sooo goood! THanks for sharing this with us