Tarot Tuesday: Sagitarian Full Moon Portal

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Welcome Friends to another Tarot Tuesday

This is a great initiative which has been started by the Steemit tarot community, check out what's going on @steemittarot. Or just search the #tarottuesday tag.

Similar to my last spread, I want to give you three choices. In this instance we have three different portals.

Sun Portal - Water/Ice Portal - Desert Portal

So take a look at these pictures and choose one that you would like to venture through today. Each will have a mini two card reading.

My assumption is that everyone reading this tarot spread is a human adult. Human adults can be defined in how they take full responsibility for their actions, and/or generally take things lightly. Responsibility is equal to freedom, because it allows us to choose how we resonate. Your vibrations come back to you with cool things on the same vibration. The intention is to inspire, but to not detract from your own agency and immense possibility :)

Sun Portal

(Free to Use from pexels.com - photographer Jeff Nissen)

Water Portal

(Free to Use from unsplash.com - photographer Caleb Dortono)

Desert Portal

(Free to Use from pixabay.com)

Interpretations Below 👇











Sun Portal, VI (The Lovers) influenced by Ace of Pentacles


Creeping gently from the cave you emerge into full and blinding sunlight. You stop a moment to bask in the warmth and brightness. The sunlight speaks to you:

There is an auspicious feeling to these two cards, with the strong feeling of potential.
The lovers urges you out into the world to connect with people who are different to you. The masculine and feminine find a mutual respect for each other.

It could be the start of a romance, with a business partnership or a earth emphasized individual possessing the qualities of Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn. If that is the case we can expect this to be more of a slow build than a fiery explosion that leaves you with nothing. You could be opening up to your own deep earthiness, through spontaneous heart opening. Your relationship with yourself begins to yield beautiful moments.

Plant seeds, get out into the garden an tidy it up, and put some things into the dirt. If you don't have a garden then put a pot of something in your window. Take off your shoes and get your hands and feet into the dirt. Your relationship with the earth nurtures you energetically, balancing the physical aspect.

Currency - the lovers as yin and yang energetic/atomic charge. Spread your energy around! Share and laugh and play, connect and listen and speak. Feel your own aliveness and share that same aliveness with the people that you come into contact with. Feel the essential life force and reinvest it into life, for the sheer enjoyment and beauty of it. Life is abundant, and when she sees that you are resonating in the same way then get ready for those social seeds to turn into some interesting plants!

If you have been spending a lot of time in a sedentary position, then go for a walk or take a yoga class. I guarantee you will feel amazing afterwards.

Pay attention to the dialogue of what you put into your belly, it's a back and forth conversation in which your body gives you feedback. Experiment and try new things, go get a fresh juice and see where it takes you.

Water & Ice Portal, Ace of Rods influenced by the Nine of Swords


With a certain resolve, you dive into the icy whirlpool with no certainty of where it will take you. Spat out into an icy cave, you come into a stillness. In this stillness the frozen water speaks to you:

Have tensions been building inside of you? Are you feeling a little bit cagey? This could be happening in a very obvious way or in a more subtle way that you can't even see. It's all been for a good reason, you have been slowly pressurized into the perfect combustion chamber - now is the time for glorious release. (please don't aim it directly at a human being).

The nine of swords indicates restriction of some kind, this could be in your circumstances, relationships, or thought patterns. The swords deal with the mental realm so it is likely that some unhelpful thoughts have been recirculating many times.

Use the fire! Use the force! The next time that unwanted thought comes, confront it with your righteous fury and incinerate it with the raw intensity of your pure attention. You have turned a blind eye one too many times and allowed this tendency to quietly find refuge. You know it's not your true self. Your soul emerges now to purify your life with the clarity to know what is true and what is false.

If you are dissatisfied with yourself or where things are heading, make a change right now. Don't contemplate it, immediately write down what you are going to change, or better yet take the first step toward embodying and manifesting that change.

Know that you are life, with such an excitement and fullness that it cannot bear remaining unexpressed. You are aligning with yourself in a deep way to express things that you haven't allowed yourself to express before.

If someone or something is frustrating you then write down exactly the thoughts and feeling around it, with full force and anger. Get it all out and write three pages if you need to. Now take that piece of paper and burn it, and feel inside your heart to see what is going on.

You are a glorious creator and there's nothing in the world that can stop you, not even you.

Desert Portal, Seven of Pentacles influenced by the Four of Swords


Heading out into the desert with slow and certain strides, you know not what comes ahead. Wading into uncertainty you welcome the silence and the baking heat, know that they are companions and teachers with useful messages:

Nothing terribly exciting is happening right now, but in no way does that mean that life is less interesting or powerful that at any other time. In fact the lack of how much of a big deal everything is has opened up entirely new dimensions for you to explore.

Get lost in a crack in the pavement and a trail of small insects. Take the time to really look at a sparrow or a patch of lichen on a branch. All of these things are immensely intricate worlds that are a fractal or scalar expression of our own world and experience. People are out there being a big deal and only ever looking at personalities and identities, it's a load of hooey - you have discovered magic in the wood grain of an HB pencil, you have discovered magic in EVERYTHING.

Let everything speak to you, in your deep meditative place. Right now messages will come from anything and everything, you are deep in the flow. So don't let your mind tell you that anything is wrong - it's actually more right than ever before. Messages will come day and night in the form of subtleties, you effortlessly integrate them and honour them by taking small changes and actions.

There is a long road ahead, and you feel the immensity and vastness of life around you. You are like a speck of sand in the desert. In no way is this depressing, it is more like the limits have been taken off your perception and you are now free to explore beyond the petty realms of human affairs. Cherish these times, and allow the deep silence to permeate to the core of your being.

You become at peace with yourself and with the universe, and in a state of not knowing you quietly set out to be continually amazed at the beauty of life.

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My gratitudes to everyone who took the time to read this, and thanks again to @steemittarot and the talented readers on this platform.

I also want to extend an offer to keep me motivated. I will do a further tarot reading for one or two people over the next few days, just drop a vote and a comment using the word 'newdimension' to let me know that you're interested. I will just go with the first people to express their interest. If you want you can include a question, otherwise I will do a general reading. My intention is to do these readings as steemit posts, but if it's some 'real shit' or deep stuff that you want to process or get into then I could be convinced to do a private audio/video conference.

Much Love and Gratitudes

(these tarot cards are form the Morgan Greer tarot deck)

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