The Hermit // gif art by sexdeathrebirth

in tarot •  last year

sexdeathrebirth hermit.gif

The Hermit by Joan Pope

I used some footage from a short experimental film I made based on The Hermit tarot card and placed it inside a book. Eventually I'd like to do a whole series of Tarot films and coincide the creation of that film series with the creation of my own tarot deck.

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Hey, this is awesome.

That sbrukh account had made a few comments accusing people of stealing content and then posting a link. It may be a phishing attempt.

I've read of people doing this and then the link asks you to log in to steemit again, steals your credentials and then sends off all your SBD, powers down your account, changes PW and starts spamming more phishing comments using your account.


Oh yeah, I knew it was bullshit because its literally me in the gif, so its not fucking stolen lol. And I saw on their account that they made the same sort of comments to other people.. I didn't click their link, but I flagged them. As a generally rule, I just don't click links people put in the comments unless its something we are obviously having a conversation about.


Yeah, figured as much and I don't mean to mansplain.

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