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There are lots of coins/ICO lunched daily and weekly and lost on queue to be lunched. There are likewise, lots of crypto exchanges presently available and trust me, there are many more warming up to get in the game.

If you have been around crypto cycle for a while, you will agree with me that there is no particular crypto exchange that can publicly boast of having every single coin presently available listed on their platform. Naaaah!!!! If you find one, please tell me.

Well, this short coming on the side of crypto exchange have a lot more effect on crypto traders and users than the exchange platform itself since there is a 69:31% chance that your best crypto project for the year is most likely not to pick your best exchange during listing, especially during the initial set of listings. Another challenge that comes with having our best coin listed in different exchanges other than to pay commissions moving your assets from one exchange to another is the account verification policy (also know as KYC) implemented by these exchanges. This bottle necked process can be really frustrating at times with some exchanges (speaking from experience).
Now imagine having to register on 10 exchanges and perform KYC on each of them, you know how difficult that will be.


But then, TAP happened! Thanks to TAP we don't have to be bothered about moving coin between exchanges and performing countless number of exchange KYC just with one single Account and app, TAP, you can connect to various exchange, search for the best price and trade your assets with 3 sec confirmation time.

TAP is out to give crypto users a convenient and secured way to use or trade their assets. The plans of these guys for the cryptocurrency world and it's followers is so interesting that some persons are already naming it the hottest project of the year.

Their goal is to enable their users to make use of crypto just as easily as they use their local currency.

With the TAP card, for the first time, you can now use any crypto asset to make fiat card purchase without you preloading your FIAT balance first. In order word, you now have the ability to spend the exact amount of crypto during your FIAT purchase and TAP’s middleware will perform the exchange of that crypto for the best market price.

The TAP card comes with the following features:

The ability to make a FIAT purchase in whatever country you find yourself and with any crypto asset,
FIAT exchange rates is given at interbank rates and thereby avoiding punitive banking charges,
Ability to Withdraw your cash from any Atm around the world and with very little or zero fee.
And much more.

This proposed card will in no doubt give bring more exposure to CryptoCurrency and as well give its users a highly flexible spending power.

One more interesting fact about TAP project that I will love to share is the high level of security the platform is equipped with.

Some centralized Exchanges (CEX) have in one way or another faced the problem of security breach. And there have been huge amount of capital lost due to the challenge but the TAP project platform have found away of integrating the most secured form of crypto storage method known in the crypto world into their platform.

The TAP project is equipped with what they call TAP hot wallet and middleware integration. With these tools, when ever a TAP customer place a trade through their app, the TAP middleware immediately executes the trade through the TAP hot wallets held in the selected exchanges while the middleware updates the user's account with the appropriate fund and ready for use right away.

This transaction process helps prevent customer's assets from being exposed to security risks. The assets are securely stored in an offline multi-signatory cold storage wallets keeping during the whole process of the transaction. That's an interesting feature as everyone hates compromising on security matters.

By way of conclusion, I will quickly want to point out the key points made in this post. With TAP project, you can:
Exchange crypto currencies without moving them from one exchange to another.
Find the best exchange market price instantly on your phone with one App
Store your crypto assets in on a military based secured cold storage.

You can learn more about the project from this article

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