Simplicity in Fiat-crypto exchange - TAP Card.

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Imagine this scenario;

On this cool Friday evening, being your turn to take the guys out on a treat as part of the weekend's "guys' time out" routine you normally observe, you decided to take them to a new spot they've not been to before just to add some extra spices to the outing and also top the chart of coolest host.

On getting there, they were wowed by the surrounding features, atmosphere, quality of food as well as available varieties. Soon you all got carried away and kept the ordering until you decided to ask for your bill.


Getting the bill, a cold sensation ran through your spin as you tried to compare your bill with the cash you had on. "wow! I have less cash" you told your self, loud enough for your friends to hear.
"Use the POS then" one said to you but unfortunately, you gave your ATM card to your wife to make some payments on your behalf before you left the house. And just as It dawned on your friends that they had to help you out with the complete payment, they heard you say...

don't worry, I have my TAP Card with me...

Taking out your TAP Card from your wallet, you called on the waiter asking for the POS, and completely made your payment to the amazement of your guys.

That's the level of comfort and simplicity the TAP project plans to make the Fiat -crypto exchange process. With a lot of focus being on how to the blockchain technology have a daily real life application and relevance, so many ideas and projects have been birthed but a lot of them have failed to count as relevance the complex and expensive exchange process involved in fiat-crypto conversion. a lot of non crypto enthusiasts get easily turned off by the idea of them having to look for crypto buyers or an exchange in order to convert their crypto assets to cash for spending.

If you ask me....


I will say the TAP project idea is one very important bridge we had to cross as some point as we work more towards ensuring blockchain adaptation. With the Tap card, you are at liberty to spend your crypto balance wherever and whenever you want without the need to login to your account.

Running out of cash? Having more crypto assets value than fiat? Don't worry TAP Card gat you covered. Just TAPnGO!

About the Tap App
Apart from the highly useful tap card, there are some other features/details of the Tap project that can get you Marveled such as is 3 seconds order complete time, high asset security due to its hot wallet feature, its "one for all exchange" KYC verification process and others. However, I will love to 1 talk about the Tap App and the power it gives us. For a start, those features listed earlier are made possible and accessible using the App.

Never has it been seen before now (correct me if am wrong) but you can trade on multiple exchanges from the app and it will auto select the best deal of that moment for you. Now, how do your see that? Interesting right?? Trust me when I say this is a project to look out for. Some other features equipped in the app includes;
Ability to see FIAT and Crypto balances,
Determine which of your currencies was used to make TAP card payments,
Instantly buy supported crypto with the touch of a button for a low commission,
Swiftly send any crypto (or FIAT) to another TAP user freely,
Stake your TAP token to gain a better card etc..

For more details on TAP project, visit these links

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