The Art Of Slowing Down

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Sensuality comes from vulnerability. So many times we perceive vulnerability as weakness, which prevents us from fully opening to our needs and desires, by constantly repressing them due to shame, fear or judgment. Often, we take direction of seeking sexual pleasure for instant gratification or temporarily escape from day to day life. And then reality kicks back in, so the cycle repeats.

Do you own your darkness or does it own you?

By taking a perspective of Tantric Path, we can discover so much about mutual surrender, pleasure of slowing down and letting go of control. It almost feels like freedom with no goal nor expectations.


Let’s take a closer look at the art of slowing down to practice on your own, or with a partner.

Tantric approach consists of breath, movement and sound.


Single Practice.

Prepare your sacred space where you would be able to feel peaceful. Take aroma oil and coconut oil or any oil for the body. Put on some relaxation music. And sit down as you are comfortable.

Begin with noticing space around you, then ask yourself a question “How am I doing? How am I really doing?”, and listen to the answers through sensations in your body. Let thoughts come and go. Then ask yourself “What is alive for me right now?”, notice the temperature in the room and take a deep breath in through the nose and breath out through the mouth.

Take the oil and set an intention to touch your body with love and stay present. Put the oil on your hands and through a mindful journey start massaging your legs, belly, chest, hands, neck and face…take your time.

After that, sit with legs crossed and close your eyes. Start sensing. Your breathing, as you inhale - tip of your nose gets a bit colder, pause the breath, and sense transmutation into exhale through your mouth, with each breath start relaxing your forehead, eyebrows, cheeks, jaw, shoulders, neck, chest, legs and notice how your body. feels.

The last part would be your heart. Notice your heart is beating, without you having to do anything for that, every moment of every day. And you surrender to the heartbeat. You can express gratitude for anything you wish, and notice how your gratitude goes within you, not outside up, but inside down.

Practice with a partner.

Prepare your sacred space where you would be able to feel peaceful. Take aroma oil and coconut oil or any oil for the body. Put on some relaxation music and light up candles. Sit down in front of each other.

Begin with intention to love this person the way God loves you, continue by taking a deep breath in with the nose and breath out with the mouth together. Close your eyes and keep slowing down the breath until your breath synchronizes.

Then put a right hand on each other heart and begin eye-gazing. Look deep into each other eyes with a sense of wonder…what can you notice that you haven’t noticed in their eyes before. Then say these words turn by turn to each other “I see you. I am grateful for you. I honor you. I love you.” You will feel it when you do it.

Take the oil and put it on your hands. One of the partners will remain with eyes closed, receiving a light touch and sensing the smell with a sense of wonder. Switch.

Sit back to back and begin breathing in through the nose while your partner is breathing out through the mouth, at the same time voicing the exhaling breath and moving your body gently with inhaling. Do so until your breath, voice and movement synchronizes.

In this journey of slowing down, all you really need to do is to be present, to feel your body and silence the mind, simply by surrendering to your feelings, you might discover a whole new level of making love to love.

Written by Anastasia Delore


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Magnificent female energy. Take your journey to Norway, land of Gigants!

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