The VK 30.02 Ausf D

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Upon first encountering the T-34, the Wehrmacht wasn't impressed, and was far more concerned with countering the KV-1. However, quantity has a quality all it's own, to quote Stalin himself, and the Wehrmacht found itself facing more and more T-34s as they pushed farther east. The PzKpfw IV and StuG III, the most common German AFVs at the time, were ill-equipped to face the T-34, which had greater armour and firepower than either. The StuG could certainly knock out a T-34, but without a turret, it wasn't as versatile. Upon examining several captured T-34s, several German officers suggested that the tank be simply copied. Several versions were developed by multiple designers, each successive version looking less like the T-34, with the final version entering production as the PzKpfw V "Panther."

I may eventually complete and show off the entire development sequence, but for now, I'll be showing the second version from Daimler-Benz, Ausführung D, which looks almost exactly like the T-34, except for the schachtellaufwerk running gear.

VK 30.02 D 1.PNG

VK 30.02 D 2.PNG

VK 30.02 D 3.PNG

Since I don't have a T-34 or Panther model in my collection yet, I'll show it sitting between my KV-1S and King Tiger. Compared to these two behemoths, it's adorable!

VK 30 comparison 1.PNG

VK 30 comparison 2.PNG

VK 30 comparison 3.PNG

VK 30 comparison 4.PNG

VK 30 comparison 5.PNG

VK 30 comparison 6.PNG

I will make another version of the hull with a hemispherical machine gun port (as opposed to the rectangular machine gun port that this one has), and two more turrets before I offer it for sale. Hopefully, by that time, the customer who requested this tank will tell me which one he wants. In the mean time, here's my usual shameless self-promotion:





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