Meritorius Award Winner... @BAA.STEEMIT!

in talenttuesday •  11 months ago

This week we recognize @baa.steemit for his fine work on the platform! He's been making excellent posts for quite some time. This collaboration between the Minnow Boot Camp and "Dynamic Steemians" has brought us SEVERAL great people, with much talent and love for the platform. But this week it is all about HIM! His blog can be found at blog of BAA.Steemit and he is not only a First Rate Blogger, but a photographer and graphic designer! Give him a look and some VOTES, if you like what you see! OH, here's a nice candid shot of "BAA" about to eat lunch!



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Good job
Good fortune

Thank you so much for this recognition. To sir rob @underground and to mam @eaglespirit , its been an honor for me to be recognized like this. Blessings.


yay!! congrats Baa!! you deserve it, you work so hard and bring it with your quality content every time. dont forget to let us know the post you want 4 accounts to 100 percent upvote.

congrats again,

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