@bycoleman and his complete list of spam bots...

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Here is the complete list of spam bots run by @bycoleman.

This is the same piece of shit that runs @transparencybot, harassing people for using bots while he is spamming and upvoting his spam comments to $5+.

Hypocritical bitch, I'm killing all of your rewards. You get no more chances here.


To be transparent, I run @introduce.bot whose intent will be revealed very soon.

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Thank you Bernie. Hey Craig (@bycoleman) you may want to snag @byejackass, it's available.


Bwahahha!I love it!😜😂😁


Lol.. that's funny! Hee Haw, Hee Haw!!

I gave you an upvote because I laughed when I saw one of the tags was "Taking Candy From A Bitch" Hahahhahah


I'd love to see #takingcandyfromabitch as a trending tag some day.


Ahahah I didn't even notice xD


Nice one bernie

This guy purchased SP through Minnowbooster to spam my posts criticizing me for purchasing upvotes through Minnowbooster. It was another of his bots that told me I should purchase upvotes through Minnowbooster in the first place. What a hypocrite!


Sounds like what he's got set up is a way to win no matter which direction the platform goes - if people accept using bots, then he has his Minnowbooster promoter bot, if people start thinking bots are bad, he has a bot for that too. He's set it up so he can't lose.


that's why I left all bots long time ago...people should EARN sp delegations and not buy themselves bots or even create ones...
steemit should go back to the early days... human to human sp delegations
greed is a beast!

@berniesanders you're a good egg. I am glad that you are willing to do something about the rampant bot abuse on this platform because STINC certainly doesn't care, Ned is a weak man who is afraid to stand up to bot abusers and reward pool rapists and the other witnesses seem to be complacent in the decline of this site.

I know it has cost you your reputation here many times and it's admirable to see your no prisoners approach to cleaning this dumpster fire up. Keep it up, you have a lot of support from many here on Steemit.

Lol Bernie. I am grabbing pop corn to watch the show :D

will done man ,this is a great work lets kick spamers out

Awesome work @berniesanders :D

Bernie I think you're doing really great work here on Steemit now matter matter the amount of people who try to bring you down by flagging, you'll always find your way back up! We need people like you on here!

There are a lot of hypocrites on this platform. Let's leave it at that.

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Wow thats a full army :D We should definitely fight back!

  ·  last year (edited)

Thank you @berniesanders!

Great work done ,they should have in blacklist .i cant understand why r people playing with someone hard work and dedication. We are doing hard work ,they are spamming people .good job done by you

I don't know about all this but...my gut says: right on!! XXDD

why bernie why because he has only 50 spam bots?

And yesterday i made a post concerning some things that make steemit fall behind it's true potential. The bots were ofc included! fucking trash people

@berniesanders, buying upvote with the bot has been very troubling. This is because the user has not put forward the quality of postings.

In this case I'm with you. Downvoting some of them for long time

I think this is great info about the steem #bots


kick it Bernz!!! ;)

There must be a rule against these spammy boys 😫


We make the rules. It's up to us to handle as we see fit.


Absolutely true 😁

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Holy shit, I knew he had a few going, not that many. Glad the OG put a stop to his spamming crap, it went on way too long...

nice information

Life is cunny, you abuse something whereas you are also using it. Flag out his rewards @berniesanders

I have been tired of this dudes bullshit bots. They spam every new member that joins Steemit. This guy has to be one of the worst offenders running bots on Steemit.

Hey I saw your recent post that you got upvote by bidding bot and you given that as decline payout. How you can able to manage that much huge amount with this 😂. You may help other community like @indiaunited, which is helping the good content creators in india. Please don't waste 💰.

Great work! Congratulations

I love it. Thank you.

I've just experienced the full evil power that I could on steemit. Got 8 downvotes for telling the truth, indeed great platform. From 36 to 16 in a minute. You can throw your downvotes at me as long as you like. Goodbye, silly censors!


Act like a moron, get treated like a moron...

very good post

Straight savage!

hey its right or wrong what do you think about it

@berniesanders its interesting thing as taking candy from a bitch.. is not it?

Can you slove this.jpg


a = 5, b = 3, c = 5, d = 3

Join me in my struggle with alcohol addiction

Congratulations @berniesanders!
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Its very glad that u did such a hard work .bravo


Yesterday I posted in one of the subs I moderate asking the community to report all bot activity. If I see one, I'm just banning it, no questions asked.

The bot spam has become a real problem, in some threads more than half my screen real estate is being taken up by bot spam.


BTW congrats for getting up to rep 64 now! (I just noticed)
If the crypto markets would recover in the same V-shape as your reputation score did, best investment would probably be buying into Audi AG (for owning Lambo) ;-)

@berniesanders I duno if you have seen but another certain someone is back on steemit again.


I have. Been keeping an eye on it.


I was guessing you were. Just wanted to at least say something. Also saw the bad content bot in his comments. From doing some research the bot it was stating is yours but he down voted the bot to hide the comment.

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puta madre es una mierda esta desangrando steemit