if i'm wasting

in tag •  19 days ago

id like to hear you explain how i got to the point where i am ?


up your @steemcleaners ass

because talent works with spit

while you just got to get that dick-juice to get noticed

i HATE the spotlight

i tend to turn into less agreeable when forced into it

for a while or more

some whiles

or something

you owe me actual money now too

for delaying me

every cent i didnt make while you were at it

plus intrest on what i couldnt build from there

i told you not to do it

did i not ?

every fucking day

tell everyone in sight

not to fucking do it ?

i'm gonna try and be seriously in-active on places where steemcleaners can wreck anything you do on a whim

but i'll still take what i invested plus intrest

thank you very much in the meantime, hope you see the light soon

do you see how your money is NOT impressive since its not mine ?

i already have what i need

and YOUR money ?

where does that get me ?


i doubt roni or shadow or any or the others mind

their masters might

i sure as hell wanted to fuck barbara in her prime

so she could emotionally tear me up


here i am


not NO ONE like i intended

you expect what ?

handshake day ?

you owe me money

and now YOU

owe me money as well

fucking retard

so now im gonna be stuck at daylight all day with nothing achieved but old glory

i feel like a fucking retirement home

is this not writing from the heart because you certainly opened up some pus there

and a feeling like a half finished party which is sure to have some consequences

not good

i probably violated 20 eulas again so

how are people supposed to BE ?

go fuck yourself


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