Systems theory vs critical theory(how each system sees other systems)

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Every human being has the right to speak their mind, it is by this right where systems came into play to solve human
questions about problems in their lives seeking different ways to a problem created systems in which people can query
using these systems.

While different and unique in their own ways system theory and critical theory have helped in solving the queries we may
have in life. System theorists try to solve problems by solving a problem as a whole and not breaking them into pieces, they
believe that in order to core of a problem we have to ask ourselves where does the system fit in solving the problem.

System theory promotes openness and equality because it creates a holistic unity between people.
While system theory promotes openness critical theorists question the other theories by trying to reach an understanding
by isolating one aspect of life and trying to solve it by looking at the structures in power and try to prove how they
influence people’s decisions.

System theory dictates that all theories form part of the system, system theorists believe in looking for something as a
whole rather than isolating aspects of the problem they look for solutions using all methods of enquiry. System theory also
dictated that if a system is examined or needs to be understood it had to be what he
referred to as an open system, in order to understand something better the system as a whole would need to be analysed
to find the root of the problem.

System theory examines each source individually and try to solve what role it plays in the system thus every system is
included in system theory to understand a problem in totality. Ludwig von Bertalanffy was one of the famous biologist who
used system theory to study living organisms as a whole rather than splitting them apart. Ludwig created a system called
general systems theory in which it emphasized holism over reductionism. General systems theory looked at the interrelationships
between elements which all together formed the whole organism.

Systems theory has many systems that have branched from it like systems psychology in which it studies human behaviour
and experience.

Unlike system theory, critical theory looks at one aspect of a problem and try to examine how the structures of power
affects it. Critical theory is about society and the ways in which we are dominated by society and power structures. Critical
theory studies how people in power use some form of laws, media and rules to subconsciously brainwash people to adopt
a particular point of view.

Critical theory sees other systems as shackles in which the wealthy and powerful use to enslave people, ethics are
examined in order to liberate people from oppression. French scientist Micahel foucalt saw how the power changes, he
claimed that by creating rules and laws and enforcing people to follow them they enslave people because they force us to
see life as they see fit.

Fourcalt claims that institutions such as governments imprisoned us subconsciously by creating social norms in which we
have to abide to or we are seen as outcasts. Institutions set up highly effective spy networks that are used to write reports
about people are in them.

Like foucalt a Zulu shaman wrote a poem which he pledged to expose what was happening in the world and who is behind
it. in his poem mutwa expresses his anger towards people who uses their power to oppress others.mutwa clearly states
how people with power abuse their power “whole tribes perish of hunger, disease and war…when money is built into jail
to hold humankind and love has dies” by using their resources to shackle the poor and weak. Mutwa is considered a critical
theorist because he pledged to fight against inequality “I will fight you to the end of days” enforced by people in power.
While both systems try to fight for equality it is clear that they have different approaches to so.i for one prefer systems
theory as a form of enquiry because it looks at different ways to solve a problem by looking at a problem as a whole it
looks at all aspects of enquiry to broaden ones understanding, it analysis relationships and promotes problem solving.

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