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INTRO is business intelligence system for off plan development. The participants are like banks, investors, builders and various other agents. INTRO is providing access to market analytics that is advanced for both private home buyers as well as for industrial professionals. The investors and under construction objects contacts is yet stored into the Blockchain. This, in turn, is getting back data through the official state sources. It is allowing effective analysis of market without violating rights to data protection of proprietors.
The users of INTRO system can find out attractive off-plan properties in numbers of nations and do investment under the smart contracts into ongoing constructions. However, Blockchain is ensuring data reliability about transaction security and building plans. This is by avoiding the intermediation charges by brokers of real estate, profiteers, and lawyers. The smart contracts are enabling users in saving 30% on the investments on the property.
Know about its working-
Information on share participation and off plan objects is loaded in distributed register through state accounting system. The transactions information is anonymized and is stored into the Blockchain with uploading of all latest deals through departmental stores on regular basis. Currently, the information is updated on monthly basis at this INTRO system.
Now depending upon the information received, INTRO system is generating marketing metrics. Major indicators of it are companies market shares, competition by layout type and location, sales dynamics and stocks of the off plan properties. At some nation, the data through INTRO is received by dedicated representative agencies, investors and also developers. It helps in avoiding of excessive development of constructions at a particular location and also illiquid objects constructions like unattractive layout of apartments.
The aggregate information is coming to systems IT product that is intended for home buyers, private investors and brokers of real estate. The users of INTRO system is not needed scrutinizing official documents or make payment to the intermediary. The system product is well designed for ensuring that any investors with suitable developers could conclude the contract that is lucrative.
What are the Applications scopes?
Developers- The developers are having scope in INTRO system. It is like doing market researching, communication with home buyers and investors, searching for an attractive site for purpose of developments and competitive analysis and pricing.
Researchers and mass media- They can do market research, forecasting, data journalisms, analytical article publications.
State authorities- Planning for allocation of land for development of real estate, legal compliance controlling and housing bubbles preventions are the scope that state authorities are getting.
Building societies and banks- They can do location analysis for the development of real estate, mortgaging marketing researches, developers underwriting and mortgage programs plans.
Real estate investors and brokers- They can take active part into private auctions beginning at properties prime charges, properties compassion, co-investors searches and valuation of investments.
INTRO algorithm-
The integration of Blockchain is ensuring that INTRO system as information miner can’t be changed or hide data from the state registers. The market players and state officers can be fully sure that information into the system in totally unchanged and are accurate. Intro analytica for professional of real estate is B2B service irreplaceable. The home buyers and investors can use Intro systems B2C services.
This is all about INTRO system, we hope that this article prove to be helpful to you.

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