As Things Heat Up In Idlib, Remember: The US Empire Has A History With False Flags

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Conspiracy buffs give me a hard time occasionally for not writing more about September 11; I guess when you have a following and talk about unauthorized narratives a lot it's just something that's expected of you. I don't really have much useful to say about it though. Obviously there are so many gaping plot holes in the official story that the only thing holding it up are the authoritative commands of loud and aggressive empire loyalists insisting that we need to believe everything we're told or we're hurting the people who died on that day somehow, but fixating on it never seems to get things moving in a positive direction. Seems like all it ever gets is a bunch of people who already see it clearly nodding along, and everyone else freaking out like a bunch of tattletale children shrieking and pointing at a classmate who's breaking the rules.

September 11 is such an aggressively protected part of the machine, not just by paid propagandists because so many neoconservative agendas were advanced by PNAC's "new Pearl Harbor", but by rank-and-file individuals because considering the implications of the official story being false can bring up a lot of psychological discomfort that many would rather avoid. It seems to me like a lot of wasted effort to keep bashing one's head against the most heavily armored part of the establishment lie factory when there are others that are far less protected, and while the possibility of world war due to a false flag event in Syria is looming over us currently.

In a new memo addressed to President Trump, the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity warn that the risk of a direct military confrontation between the US and Russia in Syria is at "an all-time high" as the Syrian government moves to recapture the province of Idlib from the Al-Qaeda affiliates who have taken it hostage. They are correct. Those dangers are compounded and complicated by the US government's alternating between (A) insisting that the Syrian government is planning to launch an illegal chemical weapons attack on the occupiers of Idlib and (B) declaring that there will be immediate, violent retaliations against Damascus if any chemical weapons are used by anyone. This is further compounded and complicated by the fact that the Al-Qaeda affiliates in the area have every incentive in the world to stage such an attack on the civilians they're holding captive, since the US government has already said it will blame Assad if one occurs. This is even further compounded and complicated by the fact that the US and its allies have an extensive history of using false flag events to manufacture consent for preexisting military agendas.

One need only to look at old US government plans for legitimizing an invasion of Cuba in the 1960s, casually discussing the possibility of the "real or simulated" sinking of a boatload of Cubans the way normal people discuss whether to buy whole milk or skim, to get a feel for just how depraved the culture of these institutions is. We know that the United States has participated in deceptions which ended up costing millions of lives for which nobody suffered any consequences, like how they used a nonexistent attack to manufacture support for the Vietnam War, or the false "babies in incubators" Nayirah testimony to manufacture support for the Gulf War, or the mountain of lies and manipulations used to manufacture consent for the Iraq invasion, all the way back to the sinking of the USS Maine. Combine this known willingness to deceive and manipulate in order to implement longstanding military agendas of human butchery with the fact that the US has powerful allies who are more than willing to get their hands dirty, like the opaque and unaccountable monarchy of Saudi Arabia and Israel's murderous Mossad, and there's every reason to believe that the US-centralized empire would not only pounce on an opportunity to exploit a false flag by a terrorist faction, but actively facilitate one.

It is fitting that the confrontation in Idlib is moving toward resolution on 9/11. So much nefarious behavior hides behind the irrational and unquestioned belief that secretive government agencies responsible for propping up an entire empire have some limitations on the amount of evil that they are willing to inflict on the world. This delusion is easily dispelled by research into publicly available information. Let's be aware that Syria has been a target for US-led regime change since long before violence erupted there in 2011, and let's be aware that there is no good reason to trust the US and its allies not to do something profoundly wicked to help make that happen.

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In fact this is a quite old plan. Bookmarked an interesting article on activistpost, last year.

What do you think about those rumours about "greater Israel" (Yinon-Plan). Just conspiracy-shit? Or do you think it might be the reason they try to destroy Syria?
It is really all about a gas pipeline?

The root cause of this problem is the economy. The oligarchy and neocons who control the US government have created an economy of war. Every year the US government spends almost $800 billion, the US Department Of Defense is the biggest employer on planet earth. In order to keep that money flowing to the owners of the corporations who are involved in the war economy they have to find/create conflicts and wars to fight in, so they can keep getting paid by the Department Of Defense to create weapons of war. Until the American people stand up and say no more money for wars and conflicts, the rich will keep getting richer or until the deficit/debt leads to hyperinflation.


spot-on, and that big fat snake is now biting it's own tail.

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Here's a video, released today, on the 911 false flag:

Mr Wigington also talks about how the US, in its campaign to oust Syrian President Assad, first used climate engineering technology to drought-out Syria (23:30). The drought destabilized the Syrian economy, which led to civil unrest. The US then formed and inserted ISIS and other rebel groups into Syria, and launched chemical attacks on innocent civilians, which it blamed on Assad. This gave the US its false pretext to involve itself militarily in Syria just like the 911 false flag gave the US its pretext to invade Afghanistan and Iraq. Pure EVIL!

as all of this ties back to 9 11 every article about warmongering is a post about 9 11