Nice afternoon with Synereo and Universal Music, all Upvoted steem $ to @charityproject

in synereo •  2 years ago 

Tonight Andy from Synereo was my special guest at frog conference. ( He gave a great 'dinner talk' about the attention economy.


Yesterday we met Cornelius Ballin - head of Universal Music discussion the opportunities for Wildspark and the Music Industry. You can read an older article from me regarding some plans in this direction. I can now say they got one step forward.


This is Andy and Cornelius :)


And other good news

We got a lot of donations again. Maybe even 1 1/2 new Ltc again today. I have to count :) for @charityproject



That is the video from Bruno about Tirolcraft

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looks like you had a great time with Cornelius Ballin.

I was the fotografer - but I had a great time with both

seems like a perfect day :)