Taronga Zoo - The beginning of a day at the zoo

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Taronga Zoo

So it's a bit strange to be doing a beginning post when it's the second one (I posted about the bird show a week ago), but I did want to write more about a day out to the zoo, and I've decided to break the day up a bit as I've got way too many photos I want to include for just 1 post!

I met up with my friends at circular quay to start the day off with a ferry ride over to the zoo. It's the easiest way to get there, and gets rid of the hassle of having to find a park near the zoo.

2018-02-02 10.28.38.jpg
One of the cruise ships is hiding some of the zoo, but most of it is the wooded hill the left of it.

Once you've docked and are walking to the cable car station (a great reason to buy your tickets beforehand!) you can take a look back for the first of many awesome views that don't involve the animals you'll get in the day.

2018-02-02 10.36.31.jpg
Not many zoos can boast this sort of view. And this is just what it's like at the bottom of the hill!

I do love the cable car to start the zoo visit off. You haven't technically entered the zoo yet, though they do need to see the ticket to let you through to it. The enclosed cars take you up and over the zoo, looking down at various parts and you can see some of the animals from an angle you never normally get to see. Unfortunately it wasn't good for taking photos from and it's over all too quickly.

2018-02-02 10.44.27.jpg
My friends in the gondola ready for the ride up to the top. Makes most of the day downhill!

When you get to the top, there is the zoo shop. There's a little one down the bottom too for those that aren't returning to the top at the end of their day, but you don't get this sort of view on entering the store down the bottom

2018-02-02 10.54.56.jpg
I'm not sure how close to life size they are, but that stuffed giraffe is over 6 foot tall. And there were many others too.

We did our shopping at the start of the day, having plenty of backpack space to carry things in, and not actually getting anything large (as much as some of them wanted a life size big cat) so it was easy enough to buy new things first.

We then headed into the actual zoo and straight to the reptiles area so that we could attend the reptile talk and see all the interesting reptiles they have on display.

2018-02-02 11.25.19.jpg
I love my snakes, but forget quickly what they actually were. These 2 have a massive enclosure, but choose to be together in one corner

collage 1.jpg
some of the less scary reptiles, with a turtle with some kind of crustacean, some corroboree frogs, and a chameleon that only just managed to get his head in my photo

But there were quite a lot of snakes (I only have a few photos of them though)

2018-02-02 11.47.39.jpg
This little guy is a massive python. and he was just chilling in a pile

We made it to the reptile talk, and discovered that because it was school holidays at the time, it was packed with kids and parents, and unsurprisingly directed towards them. It was still really good, but it was very much for the children. The staff member giving the presentation was a lot of fun and really enjoyed what he was doing.

2018-02-02 11.36.56 HDR.jpg
Do you want to pat a snake? We did, and so did many of the audience members. They aren't all dangerous, and when the environment is controlled, relatively safe

2018-02-02 11.32.17.jpg
Or maybe this little guy is more your speed. The blue tongue lizard is just as scaly and a lot less bitey

After the talk, we wandered back into the reptile area to finish off seeing the exhibits, including one of my favourites, The Komodo Dragon. They're freaking huge and generally slow, but can get a good turn of speed up if they need to.

2018-02-02 11.52.11.jpg
When we first when past it was inside the shelter, but was great to see it out in the sunshine before we moved on

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Upgoats made by the talented @ryivhnn

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The day definitely cleared up to be a nice one! Hope you enjoyed it, I went last month and it was pretty fun (I wasn't expecting much haha)

This was at the start of this month (2/Feb from memory). Was quite a nice day and I even got a little sunburn from it

I enjoyed this Matt. Just really nicely written. Thank you for sharing your day at the zoo. x

I suspect I'll get another 2 posts from the photos I took. Maybe more. Depends if I can find enough interesting to write about it. Thanks for the compliment on my writing.

Nice post. I love bringing the kids to Taronga zoo for a day out. Speaking about the zoo, we have an annual pass, so it's about time for another visit soon :)

Oh very nice. My ex and I used to have annual passes to the Perth Zoo, which gave us entry to all the other ones also, which was great since we travelled a bit. I forget which one was the best to join for the 'interstate' access, but Perth was pretty cheap.

Oh yes, I've seen them too but never got around to buying one. For us, it's hard enough planning just to go to the Sydney one sometimes, let alone, interstate haha.

We were living in Perth, with my family all in Adelaide, and a trip to Melbourne regularly enough led to getting to a reasonable amount of zoos inside the year, but mostly it was just worth it for a monthly visit to the Perth zoo and the rest were bonuses.

Does Taronga have a separate Taronga only pass? Useful if it's cheaper to at least get those that don't travel interstate to be members. Perth's only option was a membership that gave you the bonus of access to all the others

Taronga's annual (zoo-friends) pass gives access only to Sydney Taronga and the Western Plains zoo in Dubbo, owned by Taronga as well.

If you ever get the chance, you should check out Canberra zoo. We were there a few months ago, and I have to say, I really loved Canberra zoo. Not as crowded and huge enclosures for the animals. Plus there's also a small aquarium in the zoo too!

awesome. Canberra is one that I know of but haven't been to, so at some point I'm sure I'll get out there

Yep, check it out if you are ever there :)

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