From Switzerland with love - The most anticipated box

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Greetings to all readers, thanks for being here and reading other of my publications

They say that the beauty of a country, is not only possible to reach it with beautiful landscapes and large structures, things that attract the attention of tourists.

The beauty of a country is its people.

their behavior, their culture, their way of integrating into society.

In the middle of last year, we had the opportunity to meet steemit, thanks to a friend, enthusiastic about cryptocurrencies, for nobody its a secret, the country where we live (Venezuela), is facing the worst crisis in its history.

a rich country, governed by corrupt, criminals, communists.
We are currently kidnapped in our own country, without freedom of expression, without free market, and now many ills have been added, the news does not come through the TV, what is really happening, almost nobody knows.

Television channels are sensitive and can not convey anything that really happens in the country.

there is no national production
there is no free market economy
there is no access to foreign currency
there are no imports
there is no food in the supermarkets
there is no supply
there are no spare parts for the vehicles, and those that are are at a very high price
what little there is costs a lot of money.

And to make matters worse, there is no money in the banks, the money is disappearing, for smuggling paper money and falcifying counterfeit bills.

The box arrived from Switzerland


After some time interacting in Steemit, I met a good friend.
thanks to a publication of my wife.

It was hard to believe that a minimum salary in Venezuela represented 30 dollars a month.

That was about 8 months ago.

things have worsened ten times more.
now the minimum wage in my country, is equivalent to 3 American dollars.

currently all Venezuelans are poor. even those who have a better quality of life.

We started to nurture the friendship and it has given us a lot of encouragement and has given us its support on several occasions.


He sent us a box full of gifts for the girls, and some things for us, the box took a long time to arrive. almost 2 months

But it arrived ...!

We were very happy, all the things contained in the box are very useful.

We did not expect anything valuable.
even knowing that Switzerland is a rich country with an armored economy.




Our friend Luis accompanied us to find the box in his truck, for our safety.



karlin was very happy


We have given away many things that brought the box, especially the children, on Marcela's birthday, all her cousins got a present, my mother-in-law and my father-in-law also.
We will continue doing the work of helping people and in the future we will form a team of volunteers to do human work, and provide support to the less fortunate.
The project is already in process. We will soon show it to the community.

meanwhile, we are organizing many things at home, we are building, even in times of crisis, we believe that steemit will leave excellent benefits in the future and above all, knowing that there are people willing to help others, without expecting anything in return.



Thanks for reading, there are more pictures and more details, we will share them in the future.

Blessings for all.

and especially for you dear friend from distant lands. country of famous high mountains and nabajas.
beautiful swiss
we will see each other in the future face to face and we will give you a big hug ...!
it is a promise.

I appreciate your time that you dedicated to read and comment.

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My native language is Spanish I am using a translator to share my blog with you. Sorry if there are writing errors.

Thanks in advance to everyone for your support ...


What a lovely and love filled post. Thank you for the witness support. I have resteemed this. I just arrived in India and I will get my computer set up and give this some YouAreHope resteem and upvote love soon as well.

It is always good to put the name of youarehope. I am very happy that I travel to India, it is a very poor country that needs to see good things, one of my goals will be to learn to speak English, maybe sooner rather than later we will form volunteers from other countries and develop the community of youarehope. the world needs a change and the change begins with us. I send you a big hug dear friend. Thank you for your good wishes and all the support you have given me.
You will always have my support.

What a good friend, I congratulate you because thanks to this platform you have met people of great heart, who help people from other countries with economic deprivation or because you appreciate them because of the affinity that has existed through communication by this means. Let us hope to overcome this economic crisis soon and let us be a country rich in values and a good steward of our natural wealth. Greetings.

Claro amigo, es una excelente oportunidad de fortalecer amistades con gente de otras lenguas y culturas. pronto vendrán días de gloria para Venezuela. saludos y bendiciones.

What a nice article, definitely God does not lack anyone, always puts an angel to help, especially children. It is true that our country is very difficult, but let us trust in God that soon we will see the reward of the impious, and our Nation will be reborn and rise from the dreary hole where it is submerged ... Blessings for your family and for the person who sent the box. Successes in the community project.

Muchas gracias por sus amables palabras, espero usted también pueda encontrar buenos amigos en esta maravillosa comunidad. bendiciones para ti

As long as there are people of good heart, there is hope for a better world, thank you for sharing this experience, hopefully and fulfilling your dreams of helping those most in need. Greetings friend.

Saludos amiga. es bueno saber que este tipo de publicaciones le agradan, eso demuestra que usted tiene un buen corazón. muchas bendiciones para ti

The Real definition of Love and Team work is all embedded in this's a wonderful piece with awesome shots..thanks for sharing...i just followed you, do visit my site anytime as it will be appreciated

Thanks friend. you still have good people on this planet

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there is a kind angel behind this whole issue, thanks to you for your dedication to support the steemit community with the momentum of the different projects.

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