The Old Dog Reports: Everyone Who Sat at These Tables Got Stoned!

in switzerland •  5 months ago

Yes, you read correctly. They got stoned but not in the way that you think!

The outdoor dining area of our hotel in Blatten was a very pleasant place to sip a cold beer.

Please Let me Explain!

Every table had as a menu holder a large stone from the area. This certainly served to hold both the menu and the tablecloth in a rock solid way. They weighed several kilos each! I love the way that they cut a groove in the stone while maintaining such an interesting and natural look!

How unique, how creative and how fun!

Here Are Some Examples For You!

I hope that you now understand how everyone who sat at these tables got stoned!

Until next time,  

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)  

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Ahah that's a good way to get stoned!

Very pleasant way to be stoned! By the way very smart way to use stones. Thanks for sharing my dear brother.


Thanks for having a look!

I think this might be a good intro for hotels in my area! It can be used to hold menu and the table cloth at the same time and looks so nice! Excellent photography and nice finding! This is the 1st time I have seen something like that!



Yes it was nice to see!

wuao these stones are very beautiful and striking they look like a sculpture, all of our mother nature and that beer heh je looks very provocative with this heat


Yes I like it too!


If they look great on the tables, they have incredible shapes

Haha from the title I didn't know if it was "for a good time" or " to death?" But after reading the post I got it! Nice way to bring out the cats curiosity! Such beautiful scenery yet again and some kool stone usage to boot! Enjoyed!


Yes the title was a joke!

Wao stones looks so beautiful.....great way to use are so intelligent...very impressive post...great tailent...such a Amazing art...i really like your post..thanks for sharing..


It was a great use case!

It would be superior creativity. Anybody think like these, better advantage to the community. Best shots from various stone designs.


Yes it was creative!

Very beautiful, its such an amazing post. I have no words to explain their beauty



I wonder how many people show up to just steal the rock. Could you imagen how awkward that conversion would go.

Umm did you steal the rock placement holder? What rock placement holder the menu was on the table. Have you gone mad as a stoner waiter???


Let's hope no one steals them!

What a great idea for a menu holder @kus-knee.

I love the first picture too of the beer and the gorgeous background. I'm going to have to give that shot a go when I get the opportunity. 😊


Yes it was a nice idea and the stones fit the atmosphere.

@kus-knee, Totally outstanding and unbelievable. But it's original creativity. You found best natural art. Better way for feel with cold beer.



I enjoyed the play on the words. Yes a non conventional way to to get your attention at the dinner table. Thanks my friend @kus-k nee


I think that you're the only one who got the play on words.

🤣...your post title deserve a Oscar!🔝
I love the idea to use stones for Menu & more!


Thanks a lot!

@ kus-knee What a lovely place, I really like how they use the natural for everyday life, the ornamentation flowers, the wood as decoration and in this case the stones as center of rocks.
Thank you very much for sharing these beautiful fotogarfias, that glass of beer looks very appetizing
Enjoy your stay


Yes, so lovely!

Nice way to be stoned!


For sure!

That' new way thinking table get stoned. Yeah..great idea for keep menus and bills of the restaurants. Customers easily can see menus without steward support. Nice photo captures @kus-knee.


Yes, a new way indeed!

This menu holder is special, of course they could have the wood version but this would have been far too common. I'm thinking of being at sea with a menu holder in the form of a sand castle!
A constant of your blogs in Switzerland is ... a beer mug. Beautiful! I also love to have it companion on vacation.
Hey @kus-knee, I want to tell you that tomorrow I'm running a day in the mountains. Thanks to you and your posts about those wonderful places.


Have a great trip to the mountains!


Thank you twice!

That is very neat and cool.
I like that idea and thank you for sharing it with us this beautiful and yet so simple nature art.


Thanks for looking!

what😎 a great images😍and a great stone art


Thanks so much!

As a center of tables the stones look very original, it is a magical place they make a good show really beautiful


I agree!

Really beautiful stone carved out of the rocks. This gives us the homely feel.


Me too!

Gopd broo



Great full art.. I like it your great full post. thanks for sharing your beautiful life.


Thanks to you!

hahah looks like the stone age is back lol but definitely this was something nice to experience :D

Haha, very funny post again @kus-knee! 😂👍

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enjoy traveling! excellent art

I like your humor :) I really like the design of a building in the style of stone and wood. I am also on vacation 20 days in a tent, you can read it: