The Old Dog: Continues His Vacation....Zermatt!

in switzerland •  3 months ago

Today it was time to venture out from the quaint sleepy little village of Blatten.

We decided to head over to Zermatt, another bigger sleepy little village. This one though is the launching pad for the famous Matterhorn (which by the way I can see from the balcony of my home over 200 km away)!

This place is so popular that in order for it not be be overrun by cars you need to park in Täsch and take a 10 minute train ride to Zermatt.


Would you like to see what we saw? Let's check it out!

First a Couple of Cool Things Along The Way

Check out this awesome bridge. Pretty scary or what!

Switzerland is full of waterfalls cascading down the mountains! So majestically beautiful!

Let's Check Out Zermatt Now!

Upon our arrival we were greeted by a horse drawn carriage which is used to take guests to the ritziest hotel in town.

Beautiful Flowers and Quaint Wooden Structures Line The Roads!








Should We Check Out The Matterhorn?

Actually when we got to the look-out point the peak was nestled in the clouds. Are you disappointed? Actually we weren't.
It still looked so majestic and my photos cannot do it justice!

That's it hiding under the cloud. Perhaps that's where it should be given its height!


I hope that you enjoyed this article about: the second day of my vacation!

Until next time,

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)


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I'm surely going to visit this place, I don't know when, but I will!
Bridge is awesome man!


You would enjoy the beauty here. Hold onto your Steem tokens and when the value goes way up...... you will travel!


yeah, i have plan to! holding token i have earned in these 6 or 7 month <3


Great plan!

This has been an awesome visit that place is simply heaven the greenery surrounding making it even cooler would not say much but keep sharing we are loving it :D

Lets see if you can climb those mountains! lol Nice pics :)


I can’t!

Wow,so much beautiful place,its like heavenly beautiful.The flowers and buildings and mountains omg!Thanks for the beautiful gift for us.Your pictures are very very lovely.


It is very beautiful. They take such good care of things!

What a beautiful place to visit Zermatt, a very picturesque place and careful of details, I like them a lot as they adorn their balconies with beautiful flowers, the beer looks very tempting.
Excellent images thank you very much for teaching us
I wish you a beautiful Sunday dear friend @ kus-knee


Thank you my kind friend!

that bridge does look pretty scary especially after the Italy tragedy, but it is also very cool thing! :)


Yes it is scary, especially in height!

Beautiful Flowers and Quaint Wooden Structures Line The Roads. Amazingly beautiful.. the falls and matterhorn a beautiful and relaxing scenario. I love these amazing places


Me too!

Oh, how beautiful places! I'd love to stay there, here is too hot!


It cool here at night. Good for sleeping!

What a wonderful places...such a Amazing photography....very beautiful are more important in our health...zermatt is a very Great place...switzerland is most beautiful country in the world...i really like this country....historical buildings....mountains looks so Amazing...very great natural beauty...great tress....natural beauty attracts the are so enjoying your summer vocations..thanks for sharing this excellent post..


It has been wonderful!


Thanks dear

Wow! Amazingly beautiful.. the falls and matterhorn a beautiful and relaxing scenario. I never thought matterhorn is for real (its in Barbie in pony tale is where I saw it) thanks for the share. Beautiful photos.. keep safe upon traveling and God bless.


Yes it’s real but almost like a dream!

Amazing, what a beautiful place. I have no words to explain the beauty of this place. I would be want to see this one day.


There were visitors from all over the world!

These are such beautiful clicks..describing not only the beauty of nature they are showing your beautiful time which you spend for capturing them.wooden structure with fabulous flower setting is amazing.


It really is so amazing?


It's amazing for me.because we don't have these kind of wooden structure in my area.

Dear Sir good evening from India. Maybe it's your way of entertaining the world from your saying, but what attracts me the most is the heaven which wants to kiss the world in the form of beautiful natural phenomena it's like a heartwarming view for me.
Enjoy your vacation and share your cool experience with us so we can enjoy your vacations from thousands miles.

Thank you.


Thank you for your kind words in best wishes!


Dear sir thank you again for your kind reply and attention.
Enjoy your precious moments.

Good Night 🌹

Hi old dog, That was very impressive photo clicks again you shared in Switzerland. Every flat house indeed pink coloring flowers. Outstanding landscaping viewing. So fabulous around near your location.


Yes we are enjoying the beauty!

And again fascinating Switzerland! I enjoy with you!


Good to see you enjoying life as well!

Beautiful country with beuatiful view. Hope someday to get there. Swiss and Aceh have great memorial because participate in help aceh after Tsunami Disaster. Thank you swiss. Thanks for sharing it sir @kus-knee. God bless you.


It’s nice when people help. So important!


I agree with you sir, but i think to remember the kindness of switzerland people is most important too. Thanks for your appreciation.

what,s a beautifull place of always selecting very amazing place for travelling.this beer floming colour very beautifull.i hope that you enjoy your day with drinking nice beer. their balconies alots of flower looks marvelous.i am not comment your two post.because i don,t know when you giving post in your are a big master of perfect photography.thanks yo sharing for your great thought post.may god bless you. very well done.take care yourself and best of luck of your great work.i want you stayed live long happily in your whole life.keep it up.see you again.have a great dear friend. @kus- knee


Thanks so much. It's easy to take pictures when there is beauty all around!

Wow! Really Switzerland is an amazing place. I enjoy the natural beauty of Switzerland. You are a brilliant photographer and traveller.



Very beautiful Community expressing a culture all its own. I kind of wonder how that bridge was made in the first picture I would have been quite an undertaking. Thanks for sharing @kus-knee


The bridge is so high that I was terrified to look down!

Look like a loving place!!
I live on the other side of Matterhorn..and usually when I want to make a shot i find it hidden on the clouds like on your pictures!🤣
Enjoy that wonderful nature and have a wonderful vacation!!


...and cheers! 😃

Gran belle foto e che bel posto! Ci devo andare prima o poi ;-)
Buona vacanza!


Yes sooner or later!

With the clouds on and around Matterhorn (horn of matter?, weird name) it looks like a chimney !
Question: the buildings are completely made of wood? I'm surprised to see 4 floors !


Wood and stone!


Intersting ! Thanks.

Oh wow those nice buildings, the beautiful flowers, and the mountains for a backdrop!! Just stunning!


We are loving our few days here.

wow amazing photography art. your all picture perfect and feel real. very smart photography
kus-knee (72)



the famous Matterhorn (which by the way I can see from the balcony of my home over 200 km away)!

Wow. That's incredible @kus-knee.

Lovely selection of photographs. Zermatt looks exactly what I would expect a Swiss village to look like.

Looking forward to seeing where you are tomorrow. 😁


Thanks a lot for following along!

Seeing your photos I understand that the Swiss mountain villages are a model for all mountain resorts. They are the same in Romania. There are similarities and differences, of course. Depends on the degree of civilization.
We can say about Matterhorn whether it is shy or it is headed in ... clouds! Have a good holiday!


Thanks so much!

It is very beautiful looking. Friend, i think That you are enjoying the holiday.

You are making me jealous, you are making me curious as I am loosing my patience to get some quick money and straightaway make a trip to this place. For me this is next to heaven.


Yes, it's lovely!