"Sommerrodeln" or how to feel like Bitcoin

in switzerland •  3 months ago

First you go up....and up....and then you go up a little more

Before you go down as fast as possible and try not to hit the breaks until you realize that you should do that in some turns.

Nevertheless that was great fun and I can recomned trying it if you come by at one of those "Sommerrodelbahnen"

Also give me your best "Flipstar is getting bold" joke and you shall receive a generous upvote.

IMG_20180819_155443 (1).jpg



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@flipstar is so bold, he dives from 7m height down into the one inch deep reward pool

"Up and up away" I wish it could be like this. But it's like the rollercoaster you're on

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There is a very beautiful view. smart bro

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I am not really a fan of bitcoin's volatility but I can see that there are a few advantages to it...... on the other hand I certainly do love a roller coaster ride if I am the one riding it :-)

Schöne Analogie! ;-)

That's looking fun all the way nothing to stop until you don't fear the heights

You are from people who like challenges to have fun "the adventurer @flipstar, but being bitcoin, then it will only be a ups and downs that puts us to suffer sometimes, this is seen as more roller coaster, more exciting ... although hmmm, it is One person would give me some fear, but it would be incredible to live that experience,