🔥 [Highlights] Steemit Vision Quests 20 + 21: “From The Mud The Lotus Blooms” + “Storytelling”

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Steemit Vision Quest ( #SVQ ) continues to celebrate the creative spirit as we bring our inner visions into focus, prompted by the question: What does my higher self see?

Today, we recognize six Steemians for their the sheer awesomeness, with a blend of “ah,” and “aha.” We'd like to thank the following artists, whose works are spotlighted here: @cronosclocks, @pual, @betzaelcorvo, @alexandracruz, @trucklife-family, @cryptanjoman. They are the brave souls who responded to the call for Steemit Vision Quests 20 and 21.


The Spotlight - Quest 20: From The Mud The Lotus Blooms

From the mud the lotus blooms by @cronosclocks

Incredible imagery, as usual from @cronosclocks. The animation hides and reveals, then further hides and reveals as we look and listen to the messages, so fitting for this theme, bringing valuable meaning to that mantra: "From the mud the lotus blooms." These original photos are striking in their grit and edginess, so aligned. A cohesive artwork with many layers of intelligence that includes both right-brain and left-brain brilliant.

Full post: https://steemit.com/svq/@cronosclocks/from-the-mud-the-lotus-blooms-steemit-vision-quest

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The Spotlight - Quest 21: Storytelling

We Are The Creators by @trucklife-family

Because I could,
I could tell you a story,
a story of a young girl,
who ran to the trees,
who found solace in the wilderness,
where finally she was set free.

This SVQ entry is reviewed beautifully by my co-facilitator @rensoul17:

I found this post to be a balm, a medicine of sorts that helped me to call in my scattered energies and to find the ground beneath me. The post is epic. I hope many eyes read it and be blessed. I feel like this post should be dissected and continued in an interview where you can discuss different parts of what you wrote in more detail and we can also touch on the initiative you spoke about launching with women in an earlier post you did.

Full post: https://steemit.com/svq/@trucklife-family/we-are-the-creators-steemit-vision-quest-21-storytelling

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The Showcase - Quest 20: From The Mud The Lotus Blooms & Quest 21: Storytelling

Steemit Vision Quest” by @pual

I often admire the unique textures I see in digital illustrations by @pual, and this artwork is a good example. I see these curious shapes and speckles in everything from the flowers to the background, and the imagery seems to sparkle. It is fantastic, to my taste. I also appreciate the golden lotus flowers that glow above the peoples' heads, like halos. And of course I like what is written here, about the personal failures that become our opportunities for growth.

Full post: https://steemit.com/svq/@pual/27xv2h-steemit-vision-quest

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"From The Mud The Lotus Blooms" by @betzaelcorvo

I'm grateful for the way @betzaelcorvo interprets each Quest's theme in an artful way, bringing us to unexpected places in our journeys. Here, he touches on the subject of a waterlily emerging from the mud and brings this origin story to humanity. His idea is that human life emerges from ancient mud, from caves to civilizations, and this concept is also seen in a children's book called Big Momma Makes The World. Loving the various ways The Creation Story is told, especially those that honor the dirt–the clay, from which the Creator creates.

Full post: https://steemit.com/svq/@betzaelcorvo/steemit-vision-quest-20-from-the-mud-the-lotus-blooms

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“From The Mud The Lotus Blooms” by @alexandracruz

One of my favorite qualities of Steemit Vision Quest is the fact that it seems to align divinely with various areas of my life. For example, I recently learned that "Akteshna" is a Cherokee name for the Creator, and this same expression also means the morning dew. This is profound to me, the way the Cherokee see the divinity in the morning dew. After learning this, I started to see the divinity in the morning dew, and then I felt touched by the divine when I saw the morning dew in this lovely drawing by @alexandracruz.

Full post: https://steemit.com/svq/@alexandracruz/steemit-vision-quest-20-from-the-mud-the-lotus-blooms

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“From The Mud The Lotus Blooms” by @trucklife-family

Poem Excerpt:

The focus always on the flower
on the light
on the joy
but it is the pain
it is the sorrow
that has empowered us
and gifted us with light
we are nothing without night.

Among the many facets of the "From the mud..." mantra that I appreciate, one distinct angle is the "shadow work" of dwelling in the dark depths and reaching up toward the light, just as the lotus seed rises all the way from the muck. This poem by @trucklife-family honors that very angle. It's an awesome expansion on the seeming simplicity of this mantra, as if she is peeling apart the many petals of the lotus blossom, letting the light inside, and expressing gratitude for all that is revealed. I like the way this poem acknowledges the shadow work happening at the root, where the lotus seed is nourished by the mud that makes it grow. Aho. This artist is tapping into the divine Flow.

Full post: https://steemit.com/svq/@trucklife-family/steemit-vision-quest-20-from-the-mud-the-lotus-blooms

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Decompostition #2: The Roc by @cryptanjoman

Awesome. Yeah, I'm in total agreement with @cryptanjoman in celebrating reclaimed wood, and this piece is full of surprises. I'm seeing eagles! They're flying in all directions, even upside-down. This is the kind of treasure seeking that is at the very core of Steemit Vision Quest. The photo is original. These eagles in the woodgrain are so exciting to me. Reminds me of a previous Quest, when someone shared a seashell with an angel's image in it.

Full post: https://steemit.com/svq/@cryptanjoman/steemit-vision-quest-entry-decompostition-2-the-roc

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"Come And Find Me," said the Sun to the Lotus by @rensoul17

Poem Excerpt:

You will begin your days by reaching inward and not out
By loving yourself while suspended in stillness
Yet the universe will lift you

I am so grateful to this person right here. @rensoul17 has been my steadiest form of encouragement throughout these 21 Quests. She's a sister to me. And besides the fact that I love and respect her, I honor the artist she is. Wow, what a fantastic writer and imaginer and discoverer and channel she is. This poem here takes us on a journey right down to the mucky, murky mess at the bottom of a pond, where the silt settles, surrounding a seed like a black blanket. And I also love the visual support she so often assembles as a way of creating the space for her artworks to bloom. Thank you.

Full post: https://steemit.com/svq/@rensoul17/steemit-vision-quest-20-come-and-find-me-said-the-sun-to-the-lotus

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Rocky Mountain Miracles - Wyoming Wilderness Adventure Photography by @cabelindsay

My entry for the 20th Steemit Vision Quest is a collection of photos, sharing the story of miracles I experienced with my son in the Wyoming wilderness. I learned to surrender to the flow of Spirit, following my son's lead, just as the lotus seed surrenders to the mud that nourishes it, and allows it to grow and bloom as the waterlily. The date was August 5, 2018, the day before my dad's passing 22 years prior, when he fell into a river whirlpool, in Wyoming. My brother and I honored this occasion by bringing our eldest sons back to the wilderness, to catch fish and connect with their Grandpa Terry.

Full post: https://steemit.com/svq/@cabelindsay/rocky-mountain-miracles-wyoming-wilderness-adventure-photography-for-steemit-vision-quest-20

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"Narración de cuentos" - La escalera del divino ascenso. by @betzaelcorvo

Once again, @betzaelcorvo graced the Quest with his "beautiful energy and presence," as @rensoul17 says. She hosted the 21st Quest, thankfully, and it brought many blessings, including this insightful illustration. The storytelling at play in this artwork is an upward journey, expressed by a nine-step staircase, ascending to Paradise. This is a path toward peace and harmony, yet every step is an experience of overcoming temptations that might cause the walker to take steps backward, downward. Quite a substantial story here. I appreciate it very much.

Full post: https://steemit.com/svq/@betzaelcorvo/steemit-vision-quest-21-narracion-de-cuentos-la-escalera-del-divino-ascenso

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“Rose & The Flying Horse” - Animated Feature Film Intro by @cabelindsay

The story I shared for the "Storytelling" theme of Quest 21 is a new screenplay, Rose & The Flying Horse. I aim to animate this story in the year 2019, and I have some early-stage imagery and audio pieces to share here. My daughter, Rosalie, plays the role of "Rose," who is the protagonist in this story. She and I made it into an audio studio on the day before Kindergarten started, and I documented this experience to introduce the project, short and sweet.

Full post: https://steemit.com/svq/@cabelindsay/rose-and-the-flying-horse-animated-feature-film-intro-for-steemit-vision-quest-21

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The Acknowledgements

Steemit Vision Quest showcases artworks by some of Steemit's wildly imaginative and gifted creative thinkers. We appreciate these people for braving the storms of this day and bringing themselves into the Quest. This a true act of courage, and it deserves to be applauded, and rewarded. As a small token of our big gratitude, we've delivered $ STEEM to each of our esteemed participants.

Thanks to @rensoul17 for holding space as the host of Quest 21! Thanks to our co-facilitators @eaglespirit and @girlbeforemirror. Thanks to each of the artists. Thanks to you, the audience, for being here and appreciating these wonderful works of art. Thanks to the invisible forces, always working wonders with us.



"Guts and nervousness" That sounds good hahaha. Infinite thanks for appreciating my work. It's a pleasure for me to share it to see the feedback of the people, that's the most rewarding thing for me. Suggestions and annotations are also welcome to continue improving.

There are very good works of the other participants, congratulations to all! I really like what was done by @betzaelcorvo and interesting the perception that gave @trucklife-family to the topic.

By the way, yesterday my older brother gave me a camera and I am really happy, soon more projects will be seen, this time audiovisuals! Finally!

YES! So glad you have a camera to work with. It really opened new doors for me four years ago when I invested in a good camera. Trusting it will do the same for you, and equip you to build awesome bonfires with your creative spark.

thank you for this, for always adding more depth to my work and creating such a beautiful quest and inspiring me to dig deep and soar. What an amazing journey you led us all on. So much wonderful work being created by all who get involved. Much love and respect @cabelindsay xxx

It's an honor, you know. I feel your enthusiasm through your wonderful words. And I feel supported and held by @rensoul17, who carried the torch for SVQ 21. Thank you for your participation. Such a gift when you share your heart with us.

Many thanks to @cabelindsay for hosting this & a big thanks to y'all other participants!

My pleasure, brother. Really grateful for your post and the way you jumped right in and shared something so meaningful with us. Thank you.

Right on. Keep up the good work!

Hello @cabelindsay, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

que gran alegría muy contento de estar aquí, y felicitar a todos los que han participado en este programa excelente que nos da esa libertad de expresarnos, saludos a todos mis amigos.

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