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RE: Why Do We Need Sustainability Rating Systems and Marketplaces?

I sometimes buy beer over water in the tropics because the cost is cheaper which is a bit of a boggle at times!

I really do think to the 'new' world order of fine tuning what is here is a matter of public regard for our very goods and services - for far too long we've bought into inferior products - not realizing the mob rule mentality of the collective majority determining what works and plays best...keep broadcasting the messages - Beyond Worthy - Thank You.


Thank you for the meaningful comment. It is truly amazing how beer can cost less than water.

Other than insane discounts through large supply chains and externalizing costs on the people and environment,

How can a business provide a product for less cost than the ingredients, man power and extraction energy to make it?

How can a locally owned sustainable business compete?

These are all great reasons to use a sustainability marketplace and rating system. We need central database for consumer products to holistically document their stewardship, resource use and supply chains.

Thank you again !

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