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I just discovered @homesteaderscoop.

This is amazing! I have tears of joy because I was dreaming of it. I was hoping to meet people with the same vision: using the blockchain technology to build an alternative system of production/distribution for artists.

I have been working for more than 10 years in diverse autonomous/alternative art projects. I don't have any clear answer if art can participate in social change. But I keep questionning, believing (and being desperate), imagining, making actions. I want to contribute to generate a sustainable and fair system for artists, that's my way to imagine escape out of precarity.

I am a Berlin-based, and am planning to launch a responsible fashion brand next year, focused on creating positive social and ecological impact...

I would like to get to know your project, study what you propose. I will read information on your website and blog.

Thank you for your work!

Warm wishes from Berlin

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Hi @enbyx! Thank you for taking the time to make this nice comment! I can see that you recognize the value in what we are trying to do for sustainable and ethical individuals :)

Yes, I know the answer to your question is yes! Art can participate in social change. It is an essential part of humanity.

While our homesteaders co-op is not centered in art, art is definitely a component. However I have been thinking and can't escape the fact that there is opportunity for a sustainable, ethical artists co-op. I am keeping my eye out for the right individuals that may want to lead such a co-op. You seem busy with your fashion brand but if that is something you want to be a part of building please feel free to message me on discord :)

Your optimism is contagious :D

Yes I was talking from a specific position, with an art focus. But as you say, there is a direct link between the different approaches (homesteaders, artists, makers and activists).

I would be seriously interested in this project (building an alternative cooperative art market place). It's true that I have other 2019 priorities, but I am ready to be part of! I am new here, so I need to learn a lot of things: I am not yet on Discord.

Meanwhile I will read your posts with great pleasure.

:) I am glad.. I love contagious optimism too! Yes if you are very interested in being part of it, please sign up to discord and send me a message... or let me know and I will find you there :) You can find discord in your mobile app store or if you want to use it on your computer Many steem communities create have their own chat group in discord, its handy to have if you feel like interacting with any steem communities in a group chat setting, or also privately with direct messaging

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Ok I will do that. Your detailed explanation is helpful.