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in survival •  2 months ago

This is another big one! Many people will not make it simply because of this. In this video I teach the stealth principle of Light Discipline in a skit. The plot for this skit is I’m teaching a young teenager I found along the way in an abandoned small home. Night will be coming soon and I need my new friend to understand how we are going to do things and why.

Will you have a camp fire? Will you be using flashlights or a torch? If so, I will be looking for you at night. Your position will be known to me even though I am far away. This is an important topic to discuss and so many “How to survival a SHTF event” videos online don’t mention it.

Thanks for watching and enjoy!

Intro music: Magical Path by Alexander Blu

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People rely way too much on light! I always use RED at night and only if I have to. If the threat level goes up, then i don't use any light.... Take things slow, methodical and let your eyes adjust.


Thanks for commenting for folks. I saw that on your YouTube video about using red light. Hey, you could embed it as a comment for folks under this video if you like. More info for folks.


My ethos and actions regarding light and noise discipline.

Light can also be an excellent tactical weapon, rendering night vision useless, and blinding folks. Cops do that all the time. I cringe at times watching how folks are portrayed using lights in movies.



Thanks for checking it out and commenting! You have a good point there. Light can be used that way for sure! Thanks again!

howdy there squirrelbait! this is another great topic that I know most people would never think about, like ever! and they wouldn't make it very far either. maybe one day!