🌃Steemit After Hours Sex Survey: What's Your Favorite Time Of Day To Have Sex?

in survey •  last year

A. Morning

B. Afternoon (Delight)

C. Night

D. I Don't Have Sex

Don't be shy 🤔 Simply comment 👇 below with the letter 👆 above that corresponds with your answer. If so inclined you can even elaborate on your answer...

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Night owl :)


Depending on how much of a night owl 🦉 this really would be morning 😉

A! No better way to start the day!


Can't argue with that logic!

E. Anytime as long as it's with blueorgy 👊🏻🙈🙊😂😂😂😂

A B and C


😉 Good One!

A-Z but not necessarily in that order

A.B.C. Lmao! Anytime is a good time to have sex and make love when you have the right one by your side!

😉 Good One!

Ini buah yang sangat disukai ibu hamil...

Selain menambah vitamin, juga memperbanyak susu asi ibuk hamil


Interesting... so rough translation from google :

This is the fruit that pregnant women love ...

In addition to adding vitamins, also increase milk breast milk pregnant


A for sure!

B - If it's a B then I am: off work / on holiday / screwing someone at work 😁

Good job. I like your creativity @blueorgy

D. Not because I do not want, but because I do not find the right people.

Seems like most people do not care about the time.

A, B, and C! Anytime is a good time! ;)

B & C

C (because we are usually busy every other hour of the day lol)

Thanks for sharing my friend ,,

A and C :)