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RE: U.S. Courts Release 2017 Wiretap Report: Orders and Convictions Rise, No Requests Denied, 10 States Absent, No FISA Data

in #surveillance2 years ago

what about the nsa...

remember james clapper lying to congress about recording every single american..... and don't get me started about the five eyes whose partners record each others communications and then share them to a global database allowing the partners circumvention of their own laws and a total global surveillance grid.

we live in a genocidal dystopian empire and it's only going to get worse unless the public takes back their countries and imprisons their political, intelligence and military leaderships.


I noted the NSA in the article. "The FISA law has long been criticized by privacy and civil liberties advocates like the EFF who say the order allows broad, intrusive spying without oversight. The section first gained renewed attention following the 2013 disclosures by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden that the agency carried out widespread monitoring of emails and other electronic communications through Prism, XKeyScore, Upstream and other NSA surveillance programs. In fact, the first Snowden leak was a FISC order issued to Verizon under Section 702 that required the company to turn over all of its calling records to the NSA."

i admit your article is well written.

however, i will never believe anything any government says. they can hold their press conferences and get the talking heads on news programs and get their media mockingbirds to repeat repeat repeat like they always do and not a damn bloody word would i ever believe.

the government of the usa isn't for the people and quite frankly never has been.

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