Supporting Sir Terry @surpassinggoogle

This is a very good time because when I open my account I see many posts about this campaign; Adding SBD / STEEM to Coins.ph &Cx.coins.asia.

So at first what I did was draw and make a post about that flower of course, and now I read about the details of this proposed movement. Then Once I found out about the Coins.Ph & Cx.Coins.As for my movement I have cashed money from my steam.

Maybe this will not be possible without you, Sir Terry @surpassinggoogle, Thank you very much, sir for putting this campaign a lot, it means a lot to every steemit player.

I really hope my friend to give support to @surpassinggoogle as a witness, Vote him at https://steemit.com/~witnesses and type @steemgigs in his main search box.

For Coins.ph and Cx.coins.asia, I hope you will listen to me.

Please do support



Greeting support from me @ssatria743 to @surpassinggoogle.


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