Practicing with my new board at Pa'ia Bay Maui

in surf •  11 months ago

On Saturday I checked out Pa'ia Bay for a quick practice session on my new surf board and got some video with my Go-Pro!


It was a fun day, I caught a few more waves with my Go-Pro, check out the video below.

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Wow wonderful video and nice photography.

have a nice day

enjoy surfing

Congrats! We should have a Maui Steemit meetup again for the holidays :)


Thanks for the reminder!

you are a professional in that wow

that is awesome!

amazing with new surfboard sir @honusurf

it seems very fun like i see in vidio

Oh! If your fun life enjoy. so surf plying is nice.
100% like and resteem follow

great video.. seems like lot of fun. even more excited fact is that you purchase Surf board with bitcoin profit and bitcoin is continuing it's journey towards 12k

There is a shark behind you! 🦈 Cool video bro!

Wow...fantastic movement on surf board. Awesome surfing video @honosurf.

cool vedio having fun with board have nice day.

Excellent surfing video. Nice capture~

Amazing surfing you have done by using your new surf board. I like your style ;)

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Awesome surfing video and nice article @honusurf.
Real enjoying here.

Wow your new surfing board seems doing great! Moreover your Go -Pro videos are absolutely brilliant! Keep it up friend!


@honusurf - Sir your new surfing board seems very quick.... You made a nice video by using it Sir.....
To get more audience, I wish to ReSteem your post.

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wonderful surfing experience & nice video of it. impressive work @honusurf

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Hello @honusurf,

Extraordinary good article with wonderful surfing video. Incredible video of your outstanding surfing skills.


it s a great photography

feeling of surfing must be amazing as ever :)
The videos are pretty intimidating ;)
You do have got a great passion !!

Great article and wonderful surf video.
((((( Resteem Service)))))

Wow amazing surfing . thanks for sharing

Upvote Resteem

wow! these are amazing videos, i really like them...

I love surfing but never got the chance to do. cause my mom never allow me to go and surf

A very good video to see, the sea is a friend to surf, this is a happy moment, I am happy to see it @honusurf

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