First time Surfing Ho'okipa with the Go-Pro - 11-17-2017

in surf •  last year

Friday I headed down to Ho'okipa Beach Park to go surfing. After repairing the dings on my classic 7'6" Gerry Lopez gun it was finally time to take her out with the Go-Pro!

Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 8.09.54 PM.png

It was a lot of fun surfing out at Ho'okipa that afternoon, I got a few shots with the Go-Pro for my video, in the end it was definitely worth the trip down.

After surfing took the drone out for a flight and got some cool video of the surfers out at Pavilions.

Check out the video below:

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Loved that soothing drone footage as well as your wave @honusurf

Hearing the wind and the waves without the music was nice touch while you navigate/surf your drone... ;)


Wow that's amazing! It seems to be a great fun and drone camera captured the fun very well! Moreover I saw Go Pro video as well! You wear it at head right? This is great friend! I assure this is one of the greatest surfing fun I have ever seen!


a genius surfing video & impressive article from you again. excellent work @honusurf


Wow...awesome surf experience @hohosurf. Absolutely fantastic video you sharing. I am so excited.

giphy (21).gif

very beautiful sea! enjoy

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thank you for sharing this post mr. @honusurf.

Thats a nice and cool surfing. Surfing is greatest hobby & great exercise for our body. Ho'okipa Beach is wonderful place for travel and surf. You are really enjoyable.

Wow pretty awesome place to be and liked the video very much :)
The waves made it even more amazing :)

it was amazing my brother...
thank you for the posting that you shared @honusurf

Amazing surf with huge waves. Superb video and blog.


@honusurf - Sir according to the 1st part of the video you are genius in surfing with waves... I'm still watching the video Sir.... Nice experience & glad you decided to share it Sir...
To get more audience, I wish to ReSteem your post.

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Awesome. Wow, I've never had the opportunity of experiencing surfing this close because of the country I reside in.Thanks for this opportunity, I enjoyed the video and pics. Hope to see more from you. Upvoted resteemed and following.

wow amazing surfing video love it.