From Sonu to Suresh: The World Cup-winning Raina's excursion to acknowledgment

in #suresh3 months ago

Military official Trilokchand Raina's dominance at making bombs in an arms manufacturing plant was just getting him a measly compensation of rupees 10,000 per month. Insufficient to offer wings to his child Suresh's cricketing dreams.


Yet, over twenty years after those long periods of battle, riding difficult work, assurance, and karma, Raina finished his expert profession as a universal cricketer as of late with a lot of progress.

Around when he was longing for making a profession out of playing cricket, the charges in sports foundations in Delhi would run from Rs 5000 to Rs 8000 per month.

The Raina family, involving eight individuals, ended up in a fix till it came to know about the Guru Gobind Singh Sports College in Lucknow.

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