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Hello Steem friends,
I vote for 4 people who posted impressive posts every day.
The VP will be between 20%-50% on each post of the selected minnow. This is in order to promote quality and good content on
What are the settings for minnow?

reputation 60 and below
-I will now check comments from my last post and upvote the best commenters posts in my opinion. please paste your -preferable post link in the comment
-The posts have to be relatively good (informative, not plagiarized , not just pictures).
-will not upvote same user post twice in a week.

List for today:

good luck!

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Congratulations to the winners

Thanks @yoo1900, let's drink a cup of coffee before Lebaran day.


Conratulations for the winners. Hi @yoo1900 good selection every day. This my participation today.

Congratulations to the winners who have been elected.
And sir @yoo1900, for this feast, do not forget to go home to each other's parents, birds just never forget the cage, happy holiday for all Muslims in the world.
2018-06-10 13.15.05.jpg
Make this holiday moment to forgive each other.

Hi @yoo1900, the last few days I was very disappointed with the performance of app eSteem, hopefully you want to see the contents of my post, and put at the top.

Congratulations to the winners.

Hello @yoo1900, introduce me new here, but I you are a familiar figure, my theme is Lebaran according to non-Muslim view.lebaran-dalam-pandangan-non-muslim--risetmandiri--quita--2-1.jpg

You got a 8.58% upvote from @minnowvotes courtesy of @dewaled507!

If we want to succeed then do something that never half-half because what we do half the success will away from us.


Our adventure camping in Western Australia with a toddler :)

Thank you @yoo1900, I hope you enjoy as much as we did!

<3 @suitcasemama


Hi @yoo1900, here's the work I'm doing today, a job that's usually done only by villagers, or inland people, working with no sophisticated machines, or manual work, hopefully you want to read it. Thanks.

Hi @yoo1900, this is my holiday to Lampuuk beach, Banda Aceh. When do you have time to visit here. Very happy if you want to come here.

Reminding each other, just as we saved millions of lives, because mosquitoes can kill millions of lives, I explain here, and my links.


Very unique and interesting, the waterfall resembles a bride, hope you like to see it.


Currently the selfie is very widespread throughout the world, let alone adults but small children already know how to do it, though look jokes but their expression is perfect.


You got a 8.54% upvote from @minnowvotes courtesy of @dimanrama!

@yoo1900 my dad is a rancher, they live hard, and I tell you here, this is my link.


We must know that 90% of the disease comes through the mind and 10% of the diet, always keep the clear mind in order for the illness not to come to you all.


Congratulation to the winner.. Hi @yoo1900 this is my link post I hope you select me for this time.. Thank you

Very unique, same-like marriage, between a young widower with a widowed grandmother. And uniquely at this time the grandmother is pregnant, they are waiting for the presence of her child, and the happiness is very extraordinary if the child was born.


Hope you like to see this uniqueness

Most of us are often distracted by good news, sweet words, or beautiful things. But not all beautiful objects and sweet words are good for us. Sometimes something beautiful is dangerous. Then we need to be introspective.

You got a 4.15% upvote from @minnowvotes courtesy of @ronggo-warsito!

Enjoy lebaran two more day.. This is my link post for your selection @yoo1900

this is the beginning of my introduction please @yoo1900 visit my link below


This is a unique and very interesting creative, looks unreasonable but the reality is there, hopefully you like the uniqueness


A special satisfaction, especially fishermen, when getting a lot of fish and therefore equally keep the sea and the results certainly boast


Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

Hi @yoo1900 Do you care about women's fate, see my story, and this is my link.


Goodbye Bunta, Bunta is a tame elephant from Aceh Sumatera a few days ago found dead. We hope that those who will soon meet and be held accountable for what has been done.


I got into the steemmonsters and here is my first post about it. I'm very excited to take part.
My First 24 hours with SteemMonsters

Moment of Ramadan.. Thank you for @yoo1900. This is my link for your selection. I hope I will Lucky today

Bu Kulah, is a typical rice wrapped in banana tree leaves. This rice is different from other, delicious flavor and fragrance, so that anyone who has ever enjoyed rice and side dishes typical of Aceh this would be addicted.


Let no spouse, which is important happy and do not disturb others is good for me. This is the life of a single


Congrats to all the winners so far.

@yoo1900 below is my link soliciting for an urgent help to pay my final semester's school fees, i would really appreciate if you could check it out and probably help in anyway you would be well appreciated.

Thanks a whole lot

Love is the only way and you my friend show it continuously day to day @yoo1900 Thank you and congrats to all the winners, I am very grateful @yoo1900 of you. To all the winners of the past and future, keep on pushing to make that content and be a blessing on this platform. @yoo1900 has helped me Strive for Greatness and made me put out my good quality content, so for my selection would be this one and its all about love and you inspired me to give back as well, but also its a about a great project, @steembasicincome. Such a cool project and 1 Steem gets you and another user 1 share, the more shares, the more the upvote you will get. Who doesn't like a basic income of upvotes that you paid for. So here is my contest and I am giving away 5 shares, that's 5 Steem basically, so good luck everyone. About to go and check out the winners posts, have a great Monday everyone...... God Bless......

Steem Basic Income.png

Hello @yoo1900
This is my post share my best friend in the job culinery

Good motivation from you @yoo1900

Weldone sweet @yoo1900 and congrats to all the winners.

Here, I talked about Apples. Its nutritional values and side effects.


You'll sure love it. Thank you

Hey boss my submission is an article I wrote about Apple secretly reversing some of its positions around crypto as a whole -

Once again a massive thanks for helping the small fry out

Thanks for the everytime blessing at yoo1900.
You've been a blessing in many ways....
Here is my post link, a true life story of me when I was younger.
I hope you find it impressive

Congratulations to today's winners

Congratulations to all the selected minnows by @yoo1900. You all guys deserved it.

Please visit my blog. I posted a poem that I originally wrote .It's all about changing for the better.


Thanks for the cool opportunity to get a promote :-)

Here is one of some posts about vacation in Andalusia 🇪🇸

Here is my post for @yoo1900 Upvote selection today my post is about Things that everybody knows about Physical activities #01 and I started series of physical activities and how things are working what we have to do for making us physically fit and what types of exercises are good for doing that everything is explained in my post and other things will be added in my upcoming post

Here is my post link hope my post will be selected for tomorrow upvote thanks @yoo1900 for this minnows support program :D

Congragulation ...

Congrats again to everyone to got voted today! I wish I will get lucky to get upvote for my birthday ❤️ Here is my article today honoring Philippines Independence Day

I follow you and expect you to come to me someday.
I hope so :)

Thanks for the opportunity, hope i get lucky this time. Here is my link:

Your support is very meaningful to us small fish.
Hopefully by continuing to be here, occasionally I get luck.
Thanks to @yoo1900

Congratulations to the winners

Its such a wonderful job you are doing around here @yoo1900 . Thank you for identifying and rewarding quality.

Here is my post, it's piece written about Confusion and relation to the recent deaths of Avicii, Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. Hoping they find the answers and peace they seek.

Thank you

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Congratulations to all winners. Please @yoo1900, this is my entry: Please visit my blog. I need to grow. My blog needs your attention please. I participates in article writing contest and sometimes i do not get or very little prize from the organizers. I am trying my best to always be original and i need you to encouraged me. Thank you for you understanding.

congrats to the winner. You are all considered bless and lucky. Thank you @yoo1900.You are great.


Ashampoo_Snap_Selasa, 12 Juni 2018_17h24m07s_002_.png

Congratulations to today's winners.

Here I wrote about the relevance of colours and what they mean.

Keep being an inspiration to me and for others my friend. Everyone needs people like you specially nowadays when giving is so rare!

Has been some time ago, since I have posted an entry. But lets have another try:

Congratulation to all the winners
Thanks to @yoo1900
Here is my entry :

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(12-06-2018) Daily Crypto Report: BTC-ETH-XRP-LTC-STEEM-SBD

Thanks @yoo1900
Here's my submission:
Why do we throw away our art when we can possibly do something meaningful with it...

congratulations to all the winners.
hopefully my article becomes the next winner.
Thanks to @
this is my entry:

I make good posts bro, but I hardly get chosen.

Hope I'm lucky this time.


Have not been lucky to be selected 😪😥😥 , I pray and which my post will be selected this time.
Good job sir @yoo1900
Here is my link:

Hello friend, visit my blog... maybe you like it
Thank you

I love the support you are doing here @yoo1900. I'm on a quest to watch the world cup with someone from each country. I'm calling out to bring a global community together in one city. Please help by asking friends to contact me. Or join me on this journey. Follow for daily updates.