I hope everything grows like you would want it to ... though how different is Sup from XMR? I've always been curious about that, because seemingly the Sup copy is identical to that of XMR. Not sure why, though. is it just me?

I can not speak to you because of the structure of the XMR, but because of the superior cooperation (SUP) and I assure you that throughout the working group, the way of working, the platforms developed around it and the community that has to be in constant growth, this cryptocurrency will grow a lot, I invite you to become part of our community.

What exchanges is it listed on?

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BTC-Alpha, SouthXchange,, NXB Exchange,

Darn. You guys need to get listed on binance. I don't use any of those other ones. I've never even heard of them, and to be honest, I like to keep the the ones that have official mobile applications, as well as being supported by the Delta cryptocurrency tracker.

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We have a dynamic block reward for miners and more focused on micro payments. Building community thru

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