Factory Steemit Sponsored bike graphics have arrived!

in supercross •  11 months ago

Wo0ho0! the graphics are here and in my hands! :)

I Can't wait to get these on Brads new 2017 Honda 450 CRF and get them out in the wild!

Sorry about the lighting but i got them after work and just wanted to share them :)

I think they turned out awesome, what do you guys think?

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Better than Dogecoin.


now I'm waiting for the much steemit... :)

Congratulations! Great stuff! :)


Cheers mate,
Took me a lot of hours to design and perfect to get them ready for printing.
I got myself a few graphics to go on my bike also but will update later :)


maybe @ned @dan @dantheman @smooth or anyone supporting steem will see the work I'm doing to promote the platform and vote :)


#steemit promo :)

I think they look great :)

Good job.

Those are sweet! Great promotional idea :)


Thanks @sandstorm, will look amazing when on the bike! :)


Your welcome @b0y2k! Looking forward to seeing the pics of how it turns out.

Very well, thank you for the contribution to steemit.


been alot of work to get to this poibt @luisucv34! thank you

Nice post


:) thanky @yuslindwi :)

These would look great on our cars.
"Powered by Steem"

so cool!

Nice! That looks great!




:) wooooohoooooo i agree :D