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Haleakala Supah Shots!

in supah-shots •  last year

Starting a new day with Hawaiian Chili Pepper & Lilikoi Elixir from Kula Maui! The taste is sweet and refreshing with a kick, unlike anything I have ever tasted! #SupahShots



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It looks soo refreshing. Enjoy it . Thanks for sharing.

Nice shot! I especially like the nice scenery as the background; beautiful green trees and cloudy sky. ;)

Nice, i like it the your post, thanks


Nyoe bak boss that awai neulanjut, hahaha...
Bereh -Bahasa, bg @firman hoe geuh ka, neupakat keunoe laju nak ramee teuh loem, yang penting kan tamoeng



nice post my brother


Bereh memang

Nice photography in post. thanks

I wish we could not only see stuff through the screen, but taste stuff as well.

What this drinking @kdtkaren..??

Good drink @kdtkar

It really looks delicious. Am a curious about the taste of it.

Nice shoot @kdtkaren, thank you