SunThursday - Summer And Winter

in #sunthursday4 years ago

This is my first entry for this contest.

It's getting interesting on steemit lately. That's the reflection of the sunny days in Crypto world, but we need to keep our feet on the ground. And keep cold heads too.

Just sit back and relax. Don't trade, just HODL.


This one is from Dubai.


Churchill Square in Edmonton.

Both shots were taken with my Sony DSC-H3 camera.

SunThursday - lead by @lizanomadsoul and initiated by @uwelang

See you soon, my friends.


Nice contrast of a photo with a palm tree and the other one with the snow!Both beautiful✨

The sun so powerful, so shiny, so always here for us.

but we have such a winter)

I like this place and my next ture Dubai.Thanks

Nice pictures @oldtimer definitely glad to see you around on steemit lately .

Good work good luck

Welcome to #SunThursday! It's bright and shiny over here :)

But I agreee, stay cold and hold! Don't let the heat of the moment melt your coins away :)

Have a great day @oldtimer!

Cool with Sun flare in both shots

I just this past weekend put a little money into crypto other than Steem
Busy reading and learning up so I have at least a little clue what I am doing

A very beautiful photo for a very interesting contest. May always be successful for you @oldtimer.

A true reflection of colors between the two seasons - a great idea @oldtimer

keep it cool, build steem

Great shoots!

It's crazy what is going on right now with steemit, steem and SBD.
But for me this doesn't matter at all.
I'm interested in the long term :)

Cool photography

Amazing arhitecture! Thanks for sharing bud, Steem on :)

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wow looking very stunning isn't it

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