The sun is gone...

in sunthursday •  5 months ago

Looking at this old sunset photo an old music starts playing on my mind:

(...) The sun is gone
But I have a light
The day is done
But I'm having fun
I think I'm dumb
Or maybe just happy (...)
Dumb by Nirvana

Yet, another day will rise...and guess what!? It will be Friday, my beloved #LoveFriday!!

Please share your most positive moments or stories!!

This is my submission to #SunThursday!

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I love sunset photos!
I don't usually get too excited about weekends because every day is like Monday! LOL Thank goodness I love my work 😊

The list of challenges is very helpful too! I'm trying to gather a comprehensive list for the FB group

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Thanks for your comment, but I can't understand why every day are like Monday's to you. I also love my present work, that's not the reason I love Fridays. Somehow I associate a good mood to Friday's due to the "Friday I'm in love" by The Cure, and also it means some time of leisure activities, even when it means not doing anything! :)


My husband was just playing The Cure - and The Ramones - Evanescence...🎶🎵 lol It helps stay motivated and in a good mood, doesn't it?
I guess the love (or hate) of Mondays is more about perception. For me, any day that I have work is a good thing 😊 I actually love Mondays! For some strange reason I associate them to holidays - which usually means family time ❤

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Listening to good music helps on the mood indeed :)

It seems we have similar reasons (leisure time includes obviously my beloved ones) but different days associated! Happy Monday's and Friday's!! :D

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