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Each day is so incredibly beautiful.

The photos you are about to see are from last night, but I post them with anticipation of what today may bring, hence the title "Sunset Tonight." Last night I had to pull over multiple times to photograph the sunset. Here are the results.


Last night, as the sun was about to set, the sky glowed in a fantastic yellow. It was bright, vibrant, and warm, and we all enjoyed soaking it in. Here are a few more so you'll better understand what I'm speaking of.


As we continued on our drive, everything changed. Just for a few moments, a majestic view of the sunset was displayed over the rolling Ozark Mountains. I pulled over to take some more photographs, and by the time that I got back in the truck, it was gone. I'm glad that I captured these while I could. Check them out and see what you think!

As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

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Whoa! That’s very beautiful and such red tones!

Nice pictures. Isn't the phrase red at night sailors delight? What is the weather like there today?

Amazing photography !!

wow sunset was insane! im a believer and to me that was just a work of art.


AMen to that! Thanks!

Waoh, wonderful pictures, clear view of nature, good thing you took some before it finally went down, nature in itself is beautiful.

These are amazing Papa! The bright yellow. This is beautiful sir. You captured it so well. There is always something about Sunrise and Sunset. It has this aura and beauty with it. This is impressive.

Sunsets are always soothing to eyes's nature 's true blessings that's y it brings so much happiness and smile on our faces

wow, beautiful sunset photos @papa-pepper, I really like to see the beauty of sunset. In my opinion, the beauty of the sunset can be a faithful friend when we are stressed again and have many problems in the life we live. With we see the beauty of the sunset, I feel my soul is calm. Thanks for sharing, and wish you a wonderful day ... :)

as always @papa-pepper
100% mindblowing photographs.

beautiful scenery even though it looks a little spooky with black clouds in the sky

Wow, the sun set in a wonderful way yesterday. Let's hope today's sin set will give another great view.
Thanks for showing us those beautiful views

Look beautiful, such also happened here yesterday's night, but unfortunately, not able to capture it due to my poor phone camera , so unfortunate. Keep the good work sir.

Isn't it beautiful how much the sun can still glow and light up your path even when it was so far a way from you. Can you see how it's light still radiate even when the sun was just setting.

You know what I learn from that? We should live a life that even when we set, our light shall still glow to lit up others path. Even in our struggle when the times are hard and it seems we are going off, we should never off our light from others. And if we do so, we shall stay long enough to appear in the next dawn.

Great photoshot there @papa-pepper. Steem on

amazing .. you have done well, waiting for the right time and photographed it with good technique. Your photos are very good

if it's about sunset I prefer the most, and I do not know how to tell about I like to see the beauty of the sunset.
Therefore I also always follow your friend @papa-pepper, ie @daveks.
@daveks is the person I follow is always the same as you.
@daveks always post about sunset, I am always interested in posting @daveks.


Yes, @daveks gets a lot of good sunset photos for sure!


yes, @daveks a great phothography too.

Wow ... The sunset setting is amazing. I really like the scene changed with a color that is almost red. Looks like a great painting. Thank you for sharing the beauty @papa-pepper.


The color change was unexpected and wonderful!


The perfect moment to watch the colors every minute will change. 👍👍

an incredible sensation, of those kindness that nature gives you, a show of colors that transmit a vibrant energy as well as colors, I love the sunsets that my city gives me.

it looks quit different from our African's sunset.... nice pix sir

wow, very nice friends. photography is very beautiful.

Nice! Isn't it wild that this happens everyday and we just need to take the time to see it. Sometimes location helps, but I think it is more about perspective and appreciation. Be well.


It is wild! Happens every day, and yet so many can miss it. I'm trying to miss out on things like this anymore!


I had the privilege to fly into the sunset last week on my paraglider. Here is the video. Its at the 6:15 mark in the video. It was a feeling that is hard to describe.


Wow! I'll check it out! Thanks man!

Waoooooo.....they are awesome.
I love this....great shots

Es maravilloso la naturaleza y su creador para así tener espectáculos tan sorprendente y admirarlos a través de su lente cautivador, muchas gracias

beautiful,,,i like it

The bright, red, pure colors at night mean that the air is clear to the west and will be good weather in the morning. One of the things I love to do during the summer is watchin sunsets.
As the sun starts dropping to the horizon it starts to lose its blue wavelength hues, then its orange, leaving only red wavelengths. That is why the sun at the end of a sunset will look like a ball of fire

It's amazing to me how much more we notice and appreciate things like sunrises and sunsets now that we are on a farm. We missed all this during our corporate lives. There are so many unexpected beautiful sunsets and sunrises in a year. I don't think I ever noticed how many before. Thanks


Yeah, I've been noticing some of that too! Thank you for checking it out and enjoying it!

Beautiful! You should trying doing a long exposure of the clouds just after the sun sets. They're a lot of fun. :)

find farther north you go sunsets get better more in the summer months
2011-07-31 21.45.11.jpg

These pictures just gave me a nostalgic feeling....
Can't really place it...

I love the views tho...
They look warm and in such conditions, it would be really perfect to reflect on how beautiful the world is generally..

Thanks for these @papa-pepper


Wow! What a comment. That sure is encouraging!


Your pictures sure gave comfort that birthed the encouraging words....

So thank you

the result is very beautiful.

the color of the sky is red, very impressed it is anyone who saw it and you had time to immortalize it, I like this @papa-pepper

Wonderful sunset I can understand why to pulled over multiple times to take pictures and enjoy the colors changing from gold to red. :D

very nice. are you using the same camera here as you did with the frog?

It looks as though the Sun with its power, is popping the corns: clouds. :)

Great @papa-pepper !
How can I get the fabolous t-shirt?
Thanks in advance!!

Good stuff. Changes every 10 seconds.

That reflected the results of your photo is a journey of life even though only a few hours in a day, but already represent a natural beauty that abounds with meaning of harmony.

Clouds that March changed their shape and color makes the Golden hearts into raging, when we shooting photo certainly feelings we also devoted to photos that we can not such creations, natural beauty and ever-changing natural beauty creates a in one point of view.

I also did a photo shoot, I was very happy to await the eye day sunset.

my sister just got me a camera in eed to get my pic game up, inspired fam!

Really very beautiful photography. Really very smart click by you📷📷.
Upvoted and resteemit

in my opinion the look on your face on the proof photo is way better than the sunset hh

Wow, those pictures are breathtaking. When I lived in Missouri the sun sets and I miss seeing those beautiful orange 🍊 mixture.


Yeah, we are blessed to have them! Thanks!

Wow, so beautiful pictures, clear view of the nature, you took some beautifully pictures before it finally went down.good job

Im so glad you do the proof picture at the end because some people would definitely say you stole those pictures. Very beautiful sunset and some of them almost look unreal but I know there not.


I just saw your message to me. I have no idea, because I've never had that issue. What do you think needs to happen to remedy that issue? I'm not beyond helping, I'm just not sure what is causing it.


Yeah I don't really know either, I never even heard of it before but thank you for your response.

Hi @papa-pepper! Those sunsets are beautiful. How are your kids? I hope they're doing fine and may steemit also goes well for them.

i love sunsets , this is the one of most beautiful i ever seen :)
bali - Indonesia 2017

indoensia 3 (2).JPG

Wonderful sunset @papa-pepper, i hope that the sun will set on STEEM-MUSIC ( We are working on an online and offline promotion of STEEMIT though music in Nigeria)

You can check @steemmusic blog to see details

Wow that sunset is truly awesome! Did you have any filters or special setting on your camera, I really love those deep purples mixed with the magenta, it is amazing.
I got this one a couple days ago. I try to photograph the sunset every chance I get.

I didn't know you lived on the edge of a volcano!! Very gorgeous and awesome, but some of the times it did look like a lava flow. Thanks for feeding my eyes

the thing is, sunsets change so fast. And just when you think it is all gone, you get a flash of brilliance.

It's like a special treat only for those who are paying attention.

Good job on the pic @papa-pepper. You're making very good use of the new camera.

I am also a sunset hunter, I also like it. because every minute the color will change,I also collect many sunset photos, including today. Nice post @papa-pepper. sorry my english is very bad. :')

yeah! Each day is so incredibly beautiful As @papa-pepper 's Post Beautiful Photography


That it is! Glad that you agree!

Beautiful! I love sunrises and sunsets. They are all unique! So each time is a new beauty and new wonder!
God bless!

Waooh that is great. Here in Africa we don't seems to have such beautiful sunset except occasionally

This is incredible. Nice sunset. Here in Africa we don't have such beautiful sunset except occasionally. Thanks for showing us this.

Wow! Those are stunning photos! You are right. It did get crazy...

Those are some great pictures. Thank you for sharing! I'm resteeming this post :)

You can always see the majesty of God in the sunrise and sunset.

Just Wow! For sky lovers, this is the best. You can get such beautiful moments at Darjeeling, Tiger Hill. Sunset in Kanhanjangha is one of the most beautiful things to see in life.


That would be cool to watch some sunsets there one day!