A Sunset for Sun Thursday: The end of the day and the end of a life

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I have been trying to think how to tell you about my recent absence for a few days? Whilst we were in Dubai. My mother passed away.

Life was very difficult for her and for the last 10 years, she suffered with Alzheimer's disease. Watching her deterioration while very difficult for us; her family. I couldn't help but think how horrendous it must be for her. She was always so tough, courageous and independent.

Her passing would have been a happy release for her. It's the saving grace of the illness that she was probably unaware of her declining abilities. If she had been it would have been insufferable to her.

Death with no pain, surrounded by loved ones, can be beautiful and even worth looking forward to. Not in a morbid way but as the natural end of a life.

My daughter @nataliemk took this photograph. Isn't it beautiful?


Today, I was looking at this photo and cropped it a little bit.

sunset 1.jpg

Then I cropped it a little bit more. There was something about this image that just kept drawing me in closer and closer.

mid tight crop.jpg

It literally just dawned on me as I write this post. She is moving into the light and away from the pain and darkness.

tight cropped.jpg

Please don't feel awkward or obliged to send condolences. She is now at peace and that is all that matters.

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I'm sorry for your loss, my friend! But it's as you write, sometimes, passing away can be relief and your mother for sure is in a better place now.

I lost my mother a long time ago and I once had a feeling like you. It was when I held my eldest daughter, a little baby then, late at night. I was was alone with her, trying to make her sleep and I suddenly felt the strong presence of my mother in the room. I even talked to her, presenting her grandchild.
What is very striking in this is that my eldest daughter comes closest to my mother in behavior and physical appearance. I think there are a lot of secret wonders in this world, we do not know anything about.

Have a great weekend, you and your loved ones!

My mom crossed over too many years back and your positive outlook on it all is quite healing I believe. May god bless you and your family during this trying time as well as beyond.


Thanks for your support Mike. It is much appreciated. @cloudexplorer Good to see you back on here.


so sorry for your mother loss. mother is such an awesome gift of god. may God bless her and may her soul rest in peace.. <3


Hey Cloud. Good to see you on here! I havent seen you much since Laura and I talked to you way back on Wowapp!

I am sorry for your loss. That's not lip-service, I do mean it.

I think it's courageous of you to admit that her passing must have been a release for her.

Alzheimers is a terrible disease, it steals the loved-one from their family whilst showing them how it can ravage and torture a mind.

The picture is sublime and your interpretation of it is simply beautiful.


Thank you @michelle.gent it is a dreadful illness in the truest sense of the word. Dreadful.
Of the 1000's of photos we took in Dubai, this one kept calling to me? She would have loved it too.

She is now at peace and that is all that matters.

Amen. Peace be upon you and your family @molometer.


Thank you Lydon, I appreciate your blessing. @lydon-sipe

Hi there @molometer, its been a few days that I have access your blog and just found out right now that your mom passed away. Sorry to hear that man and my condolences to you and your family. I'm sorry for your loss man.

I've been in that situation too and it is really hard to see your love ones deteriorating and suffering everyday. My mom died of Colon Cancer and it is really hard because at that time, I was still a kid.

But anyways, she is in a good place right now with no pain and suffering. And that photo of sunset is lovely.

Hello @molometer This is the first post of yours that I have seen or read. The top photo caught my eye and then I read your touching words. Having nursed dementia patients for about nine years I have an intimate understanding of what your precious mother endured. Family members also have their own journey to endure but for your Mum to have lived with dementia for ten years is a testament to her strength and the obvious care she was given during her decline. I think the way you led us through your wonderful photos, cropping them down to the end one was a very meaningful process for you and for us and I'm sure you will have been deeply comforted as it all unfolded before your eyes. Your mothers love is shining down upon you and now she truly knows what Freedom is all about.

Today is the one year anniversary of Jim's death, so your images hold special significance for me, too. Sending hugs for you.


Thank you @melinda010100 how strange this world is? Life is so fragile. Thanks for the hugs.

I just wanted to say my mom passed from Alzheimer's disease. I cared for her in my home, till the end. The hardest job ever, but worth it. I feel for your loss, my friend.

On a separate note, I feel for all the decent channels that YouTube pulled the rug out from. I am doing a video to coax those fed up to check out DTube.


Thank you Paul, it is a terrible condition and she is free of it. No more confusion and worries. @old-time-photos

I am sorry for the calamity that befell you friend.the incompetent can not be avoided only we can only be patient and prayerful.


Thank you so much for your kind words @putra-arjun

Awwww You Did find the golden hour 🙌

I'm sorry for your lost. You expressed yourself well through your post and those meaningful pictures of yours.


Thanks for your supportive words @puroypoi

I'm so sorry about your Mother's passing.

I am so sorry for the loss of your mom! ((Big Hugs))

Wow ! very nice and amazing photo shoots with beautiful natural scenes and steem silver golod.I personally liked it thanks for sharing
I loved every thing about that post!

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