A Colorado Sunset

in sunset •  last year

I’m lucky enough to work outside most days and I get to experience some gorgeous sunsets over the Rocky Mountains. I know that pictures of sunsets never do them justice but I figured I’d share anyways because too many people are stuck inside every day and miss them.

This is from the yard I work in. A little panorama of the clouds glowing over the mountains.

An attempt to capture the moon.

Just enjoy the colors…

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Those are some awe-inspiring "sky paintings!" I love sunset photos, glad you shared this collection. That second one is my favorite, it looks so massive.


Glad you appreciated them! The sunset can be so inspiring, hope it gave you some "massive" inspiration ( ;

Man, the first, third and last pictures look like the sky is on fire!! Gorgeous!


It really seemed to be. Definitely a good sunset that day... vs today... no sun can be seen