Bye Palma de Mallorca ♡

in #sunset3 years ago


🎨 Category: Sunset
📸 Camera: Samsung Galaxy S7
🌐 Location: Palma (Mallorca, Spain)

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Great re-post and upvote :)

Thank you sooooooo much!!! 💛💛💛

Hmm so you are leaving Palma de Mallorca. The time spent here was so great with some awesome food, sceneries and photography. I really loved it all. Hold a lot of memories. BTW where are you going next.

Exactelly! Actually I'm thinking about my next trip... 😉. Surprise 🎁

@flamingirl when the sun sets on the western horizon, the reflection of the beautiful red light is truly an extraordinary spotlight

Beautiful! Love the colour correction.

Thank you so much 😉

Thank you! 😉

Beautiful shot!

that's really a beautiful one ❤love the sunset 😍

Thanks my dear friend 💛

Welcome ❤

@flamingirl wow! sunset view is really beautiful.for this i must really appreciate your photography.keep sharing.

Spectacular sunset. Thanks for sharing. 😊😘

beautifull Picture!😍😋😎

the colours of this image is just outstanding

absolutely stunning photo @flamingirl I've been staring at it upside down it's like your drifting in space looking down at earth! 🚀🌎

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