look for where the sun goes down

in sunset •  10 months ago 

am giving us a very beautiful beauty ..
This sunset is so giving beauty not in vain I waited for him until evening arrived,
It is real that God preaches beauty that humans can never make


I did it because I miss sunset really real nature is beautiful, created by God ...

I can express myself to my heart's content, this is really a happy day for me I miss all this
often when I was in Bari or maybe when I was in any city on the sea on the south coast I said the south coast because we could see the sun disappearing into the sea while on the west coast it was impossible to do it for logistical reasons.

The same thing happens here in people's villages ... but this time only those in the west or in their own country can see the sun fully set.
and in fact these photos were taken at MI 4 which will be the city right on the northwest coast, in front of the island called lhoksudu I have talked to you many times about this city and so I will not think about it but I will talk just about what what these photos have sent to me and I hope they will also send you

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