Power of the Sun - The master healer of the planet

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Today when I was traveling to my office I was continuously thinking a lot about the hot sun. The reason is because we have been experiencing hot summer already in Chennai now. It was already an expectation from me that it will be very hot this summer. One of the main reason is because we have destroyed lots of plants and trees already and never bothered to plant them back. People make fun if we say that lack of trees contribute to global warming. But it is quite true that our plant gets heated up if we don't have enough trees to bear the heat.


I would say that Sun is actually doing it's job and there is no harm in what sun is doing. But when we say that, we keep blaming sun for showing more heat on us. It is it's nature to heat the planet and only based on that every living being here lives. Even for some of the underwear animals, sun light is very important and that is the reason why they come to the surface quite often to grab the sunlight. If sun doesn't show up for a single day, our planet will not be able to survive. That is the power of sun.

We cannot underestimate the power of sun. It is not only capable of helping the planet but it is also capable of destroying the plant with forest fires and other heat related destruction. But for every basic need that we have in our life, sun plays a vital role. There is also a festival in India to pay homage to the Sun. There are also lots of people who worship sun as a Good which is always visible to the eyes. I always wanted to keep my surroundings very green but unfortunately green structure have reduced and people are highly excited and motivated to build more concrete structures.


Another reason why we should know the importance sun is because sun is capable of healing the planet. As human beings our mind and body is connected and with a regular practice, we will be able to utilize the energy from our mind and distribute it to every part of the body. Many people who practice yoga have sun bath as one of their activity for the day. I have seen few people who take energy only from sun and survive with that. I have read it in scriptures and books that people will be able to survive without food and water but not without Sun unless they are used to it from a very young age.

Sun is a natural medicine for many health problems. In Bangalore, a city on India, due to lack of sun light, people easily get vitamin D deficiencies and other health problems. They are being asked to take more sun bath. This happens even with small kids. When kids are born in India, doctors advice their parents to expose the kid for minimum one hour everyday in the morning sun or evening sun. It acts as a great naturalmedicine solving many health problems. As part of natural therapies, Ayurveda and Siddha medication Sun bath is considered to be one of the essential treatment.

Image source: Pixabay.com

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