Noriko in the Garden

in summer •  8 months ago

Today was a sunny day in Oslo so me and my cat Noriko decided to relax in the garden. I needed a break from my writing and Noriko needed to find some courage to be more adventurous. He is still a bit afraid of being outside but today he was very brave. He even went into the neighbours garden to look at their cute cat. I think he wants to be her friend.

Here are two videos of my brave little baby

Cofee in the green

I hope you all have sunny days this summer

With Love

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Flower photography with awesome cat video. all are great moment share you...thanks for amazing share with us.

That place with a coffee in the green... is it heaven!?
When I get old and everyone will be able to hear my bones cracking, I want to sit there on my rocking chair with a book and a cup of coffee :b
Petting my lovely cat!


Haha yes! I already feel like an old crazy cat lady with my cofee and book in the perfect garden :D


Same with me... feel like I'm an old geezer trying to remember what were I doing just now. Slowly stroking my cat.

Beautiful pictures and videos :D Noriko is very brave, I’m so proud of him! :D

Ein flott katt Noriko @Camilla
Eg har alltid vore imponert over kor smidig og elegant ein katt kan bevega seg rundt omkring, noko videoane dine viser. Heilt frå eg var liten hugsar eg kor reinslege kattane var og korleis dei vaska seg. Også dette kan me sjå på det eine filmklippet.

Med vennleg helsing


Ja han er veldig fin men også litt feig, han liker ikke å gå på gresset, tror han synes det er lit for skittent så han må vaske potene sine :D

Fantasric cat video's, thanks for sharing


I'm glad you liked them ^_^

What a beautiful cat Noriko is :)


Haha yes he is a chubby little fluff


Haha, yes indeed! :D

Our pets are our best friends. No one can understand the connection we have with them but us. Noriko is beautiful.


That is very true, animals are so sweet and simple

Wao great post, beautiful cat, congratulaions for you post, greetings from Venezuela!!!


thank you :)

A cute cat in a very nice garden :-)


Thank you :D yes, he is very cute and the garden is lovely now

Your tree is really blooming, it looks like a bride in a white dress. Is that tree in your garden where you recently been moved? Then be ready for harvest in autumn. In our garden we also have a flower that is already few years old, it was the time when we thought that is the end because it was no flowers in spring although the tree had green leaves. That autumn, we cut it down and the next year you can't imagine it brought many nice and juicy

Beautiful pictures, I love one with little bee.

Cheers, @Stef1

It feels like real happiness! So fresh, the garden blooms and smells sweet. Coffee in the garden with birds singing. It is ideal to feel the bright joy of life. And even cats feel it)

A very beautiful cat @camilla, I really like them let alone the white fur they look so beautiful ..

Excellent post. Nice cat and beautiful garden.

Fabulus photography and wonderful pussy cat.
She is looking awesome

Oh so cute cat and writing also nice.
Great post mam @camilla

Really this cat is so cute.
Whats your name?

This cat is so beautiful. I like your cat
Please mam see my blog once

Your cute Noriko looking me🐈🐱he he @camilla

Mindblowing photo shoot mam

The cat looks confused with its new environment lol.

Very nice video. What the noriko is searching for too much ?

very nice cat @camilla..
I really like the color...

It’s so nice to see you & Noriko enjoying warm and sunny days in Oslo! He is a brave little kitty cat after all! 🐈💓

a good photography

AWwwn.... your cat is so cute.
He seems really brave actually.
I love cats. My cats name is Snikky

Her cat looks funny. 😂

eeem,m, the cats look very wild....

i love cat


my cat :D

ts beautiful and amazing Oslo is one of my favorite place to go really good

Noriko looking so cute