Although the first of January was already, but here are pictures that summarize my year!!!

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When you come to summarize a whole year it is a bit difficult for you to summarize it in words, so I brought pictures for my help.

I started my year as a math teacher in high school and middle school,
I believe in education and I want to engage in it later in my life

My first niece was born, my older brother's daughter

The first time I raised a beard !!!

My wife took a picture of me watching a series on my computer and has since forced me to leave it and not to shave =\

The first time I was in the biggest theater in Israel in Tel Aviv (Habima)
(my wifes birthday, That's before I got a ban on shaving)
I have to get a tan..

My brother was accepted into an elite unit in the army (my only little brother)
Be healthy and God bless him!
this picture is after 81KM of walking (poor soldier hehe).

my best friend got married !

I have grown up a belly -a very nice one by the way :P

A "good morning selfie" or "surprise selfie " of my what'sapp group ! which call "the sons of bitc**s"

Beer on the beach from time to time..(original picture-Iphone)

On Israeli Independence Day in a standup show with my wife and some friends.

I worked while I was learning as a security guy

A little acupuncture for the mind and the body

My older brother graduated with honors in computer science

I opened one of the first YouTube channels in Israel and one of the only sources of information on cryptographic coins on the Hebrew lang.(logo for the video that I designed with my friend)

Selfie of myself prepares the first lesson of the course for Bitcoin that we have in Israel

the best mem that I have seen this year


My wife's birthday

haha and I said 10$ will be the beginning when steem blockchain will be ready- I am still thinking that way...

picturing for our course - making a marketing video.

My first lecture in fornt of 200 peoples about cryptocurrencies

In conclusion
The year 2017 brought up things that many people did not dream of.
It was an amazing year! Hope you enjoyed too!

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It does not seem a good year ..
A full year in service of the army is prosecuting children
On charges of carrying stones because their homes were demolished and their land robbed
The wise one who reviews himself and holds her accountable if he has been wronged or has sinned

Seems like you had a fantastic year! It even made me think about all the things that happened throughout the year for me as well... I never really rewind all the good stuff by the end of the year, but it seems very cool :)


I agree your comment dear @trendo


Very well post dear @amiramnoam

@amiramnoam very nice sharing. It was good to know the person I was following closely

Thats a wonderful recap my friend. I should not miss out to say your niece is adorable.
You have had one heck of a year, too many things happened and I am glad all for good.
You and your wife look great
Wish you a successful and rocking 2018


thanks :)
health and happiness as well

what a full live!

@amiramnoam - An amazing journey in the short span of one year. A bearded look that suits you, some quality time spent with friends and family and some busy but exciting time at work. What else can one ask for!
How proud you must feel to have your little brother achieve such a great thing in the Army. I wish him all the best.
I have always seen posts mostly about technology and experiences from you but this post gives us a glimpse of your life. I really enjoyed the pictures. It is interesting to see how people around the world can have different lifestyles and culture but have the same emotional content in their lives.
Upvoted full.



You’ve got some great news your way. Also that dab tho!

every photos really nice..i like this post

You must have had a great year! Its also good to know that you are spreading knowledge of crypto to outsiders. that was one of the best parts of your post i think.

@amiramnoam, looks as if you had a wonderful year! I'm very grateful for your experiences. You've been doing a lot for the crypto movement in the middle east. Thank you! Keep Steeming and raise others.

super pos... nice photos

I have liked those photos, and i am yet to post my also the summary of the month of January

hahaha very funny post and also amazing post your every post really awsome. i love to read your post and i am really impressed to see your all post... every post really great wish you best of luck thanks for shere this amazing post... keep posting becuse we wating for your it :) @Resteem

Sin dudas para muchas personas el 2017 le marco la vida para bien o para mal de eso se trata esto. Superemonos más cada día en todo.

Hi. am a lover of your post and this is epic I'm true sence. I must say that I like your post and it am inspired.good job , thumbs up, keep up the good work

Yeah i also enjoyed 2017 year very much. That year was very lucky for me .
That give me some family member.2017 was a successful year in my life. Maybe your also

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excellent post & good work friend @amiramnoam
thnx for sharing,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Haha awesome man litrelly my jaw is paining your memes are so funny and really you have made such a wonderful article man hats off for your effort....You have really made one of the best post .While reading I got so much engaged in this article that I started laughing out so loudly after seeing messi and monalisa memes all people in train started looking at me .....haha

Wow! your pics are so pretty, it is such a memorable year of fun. Thanks for sharing.

shalom, looks like you had a busy year.

Such an epic post bro, for sure one of my favorites of all i have seen since i join this social network. Thanks for the contribution !!! Grettings from Venezuela !!! Keep up the good work !!! My 2017 was really bad like all the people from my country but iam glad that yours was so amazing !!!

so nice post

cool idea to do it with photos. it might even be better than writing.

congrats on the beard! :D one day i might be able to join! :D

Its had been resteem

This is truly lovely. We all need to focus on the best part of our lives so that more of those memories would come.

I have to say the Mona Lisa dabbing is totally epic and has made my evening.
Showed my little brother the photo and he totally lost it. Lol.

Have a great 2018

Look's like you have spend a good quality of year with your familly. My advice, "don't save'. The beard suits on you much. @amiramnoam

It really looks like you've had an amazing year!
The beard definitely suits you, you should thank your wife :)
And yeah, that Fellaini meme is a classic haha

A very Very Beautiful Life story which includes Fun, Emotions, Events, Relationship Goals and infinite Consistency which is yelling to achieve the success with head high.

I am really grateful to you for giving us the Hope of life. That situation where you got your beard for the first time was the most stylo point of 2017, it made you physically mature (Look Wise). Btw Beard suits you too.

I am really hoping for the very best is going to happen in 2018 with all of us here on steemit.

I am also a Teacher by Profession and i am grateful that you have great Love and affection for Education. <3 <3

Keep spreading Love with your smile :)

Stay Blessed, Steem On!

Look better year you enjoyed.

Hello @amiramnoam I wish you happy and prosperous 2018.

נראה שהיה לך אחלה שנה נועם. אני מת על מורים ( לפחות על רובם ) כי למרות שמורים לא מרוויחים הרבה כסף לעומת עבודות אחרות, המורים עושים הכל בשביל התלמידים ובאמת אכפת להם.. טוב.. לפחות איפה שאני למדתי.
לאיזה יחידה אח שלך התגייס?
ובבקשה תגיד לי שזה היה סטנדאפ של אדיר מילר :)

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Hi. am a lover of your post and this is epic I'm true sence. I must say that I like your post and it am inspired.good job , thumbs up, keep up the good work

love to share,.. and Yes,... with the one who appriciate it everytime

נראה שהיתה לך אחלה שנה בסך הכל :) גרף התקדמות ממש חיובי! יפה לך מגולח למען האמת!
יש כיפה מבצבצת שם? אז אנחנו אחים לנשק בהיבט הזה :)

indeed a very interesting experience. you have a very good story, I applaud your achievement, if you can, help antonysteem to succeed and succeed like you

So much love to share,.. and Yes,... with the one who appriciate it everytime

Wow !
The post is multi tasked.

@amiramnoam Nice post.Thanks for sharing.You have a happy life with your family. I always hope so happily

thanks a lot @amiramnoam for sharing with your experiences! You would be very happy with your family and spent great time with them! So in this year also wish you the best and dont forget end of year summarize 2018's result good luck

Wow i laughed so hard at the dabbing Mona Lisa :D It seems you had a great year ! :))

Very nice photos l can see life.thanks amiramnoam


  ·  last year (edited)

Creo que fue un fantástico año pari ti, pareces ser una gran persona te deseo lo mejor este año 2018 espero que también sea un año muy bueno para mi y lograrla salud de mi madre que dios me escuche, le deseo lo mejor a cada una de las personas que estan en el mundo de las cryptomonedas y en steem.

Great post! I follow you :)

very nice post

Thanks for sharing your memories of 2017. I hope 2018 will be even better.

Congratulations to both your brother, may they succeed in their endeavors. כל הכבוד לאחיך הקטן, שיהיה בריא ובטוח!

what a nice post

So many great events took place. Outstanding milestones achieved. Good start buddy.

Nice family photos. Thanks


Have a nice year :)

nice topic

Gracias por compartir tu historia @amiramnoam

It seems you hard a great year
I beleive this year is my year too

I think your wife is a smart woman! Lose the beard! Great reacall of the year! Looks like you lived it to the fullest which is what matters most!

You had a significant year. You have accomplished so many things. Thank you for sharing. You are an example for many. It's true that you are few steps ahead of many, but this it's encouraging for us. Seeing your progress, it's the best prove that we can improve ourselves also.

Fantastic, nice family there

i enjoy your post ^^! Thanks.


Wow, congratulations for the achievement bro, for the courses, beer on the beaches is always Fun

Loved the morning selfie!! Did you do the lecture on cryptocurrencies in English? If so, are you going to do a post with it? I'd love to hear it.


happy today for you!

Israeli amiti lo mishtamet. Kol hakavod l'ach shelha. Tamshich laftzitz

amazing photography....thanks for sharing us your happy moment

All photos really nice

It's a pretty fun sharing. You are having good moments. You are very lucky @amiramnoam

The Monalisa photo version was much better. Nor did everything look good.@amiramnoam

Good post my friends

Damn I better start achieving more! Good job

An incredible year, hoping your 2018 rocks more for you. the belly pic though 😂😂

Some great things accomplished, good on you for bringing the word of crypto to more ears!

Good year count I hope this gives you more emotions and beard because if you settle very well

After seeing your pics and reading your post it looks as if you have a wonder year full of life :)


Sounds like you had a great and full year! I hope this year will be just as abundant for you.


I really like your family. I think its very happy family.Nice couple also.Be happy always