Pachyveria 'Bea' Succulent Type - The little silver beauty

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Pachyveria Bea is a hybrid succulent plant species obtained from Pachyphytum and Echeveria. Its leaves are cylindrical that forms a rosette. Its leaves are thick flashy and light bluish-gray color with elongated and pointed. It is a light-loving plant but can be grown indoors if enough light is given.

Pachyveria 'Bea' Succulent Type - The little silver beauty - Help in Plants

Details about Pachyveria 'Bea' "The little silver beauty"

General Care for Pachyveria Bea

Pachyveria Bea is a hybrid of two other plants, Pachphytum and Echeveria. The beautiful white veins on the leaves resemble cuts on a gemstone. It is a good succulent plant to grow, especially for beginners. Because this can survive in many environmental and growing conditions.


Pachyveria Bea does not require any special watering methods. Just use the typical succulent watering method. Soak the soil completely, and then wait for some days to dry out completely before watering again. This method will help it develop stronger roots distribution.

In winter, it'll need a little more frequent watering and well-draining soil. Because winter is the active growth season for Pachyveria Bea. But the watering rules still apply here. Just make sure to not water if the soil is still wet.

Keep in mind, it can withstand underwatering but will die soon if overwatered.

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Pachyveria Bea looks really awesome.

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