Make it SIMPLE - and let go of perfectionism

in #success5 months ago

My message today is super easy: MAKE IT SIMPLE. With whatever we want to achieve for ourselves in life we often get hung up on the details, compare ourselves to how others do it, make it (or think it) harder than it has to be. All of this came at the back of a session I had with my own coach this morning, and her words & encouragement resonated deeply with where I'm at the moment - in life, in motherhood, and in business. So much so, I had to share with you guys :-) 

Are you dreaming of loving your body more? Start easy, tell your body you really want to love it though you're not quite there yet.

Are you wanting to start eating healthier? Make one easy change at the time. Drink more water. Eat an apple or add spinach to your dinner. 

Do you have a dreamy vision for your life but not sure where to start. How about declaring it out loud? It can be to just yourself; write it down or say it out loud - with a big smile on your face.

The one trick to making things SIMPLE: let go of perfectionism! Try to reframe it: ask yourself what you might gain if you allow the result, circumstances or details to be less than perfect? 

Ps. If you are in a right funk and have no clue what a first, simple and easy step might be for you, or perhaps you don't even know what you really want but something's off? My best suggestion is this: for just a few minutes a day, sit down, close your eyes and take some deep belly breaths. What happens physically in your body when you do this? How about your thoughts and feelings? Perhaps think about what's working really well in your life and what's not. You already know the answer, what to do next - you just need to find some quiet space so you can hear it!