The First Decentralized New Web 3.0 Substratum Network (Earn Cryptocurrency)

substratum internet

Substratum is a purely decentralized internet network. The master developer of this revolutional web 3.0 is founded by Justin Tabb. He had developed numerous projects for some numbers of multination technology companies such as event software for facebook, event software for open stack, Theme park software of for Disney,,, Election software for 2008 presidential campaign and many more.
Substratum is an easy technology to use by the users and easily imbibed in the internet network environment, NO SPECIAL BROWSER IS NEEDED to access sites on substratum network. Users can access sites of their choice through their browser such Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Internet explorer etc.

Substratum Network is fully practice on decentralized system.The operations of the substratum network is not control by the Government or monopolise by single organization. The content on the new web 3.0 is an open source for everyone all over the world. The substratum decentralized Web 3.0 operate similarly like the central web, on substratum web provides world service such as communication, publishing, social networking, search, archiving, currency, etc.


  1. Decentralized Web 3.0: This function on the substratum network as a elimination to the restriction of access in internet. This is the problem people face when using central web. The substratum is own by everyone and can access any content on the internet. According to Quentin Hardy (2016) stated "Today the world wide web has become a system that is often subject to control by Government and corporations. For example China Government have implemented regulation and restriction on how 1.379 billion citizens access the internet. The substratum network have break the barrier by providing decentralized web 3.0 to everyone.

  2. Substratum Nodes (Get Paid on Substratum Network): These nodes function as a connectors that receive request in the internet. The substratum nodes create a link that connect all over the world internet and receive request from the clients and send back the page asked by the client. To achieve this system of request, vast nodes are created which will be run by anybody who is interested. The substratum node is design for everyone to participate and free to run by you. The node generate income for anybody that run substratum node on the computer. This income is paid as SUB coin which can be exchange to any Cryptocurrency or fait currency. No technical knowledge needed to run substratum nodes, The developer design the node software very easy for everyone. The substratum coin is paid into your substratum wallet(Ethereum address).
    The developers design substratum nodes to support technologies hosting on substratum host.
    a. HTML/CSS
    b. JavaScript ( j Query, Bootstrap, etc)
    c. PHP/MYSQL (WordPress, magento, ASP.NET) and many more.
    The substratum nodes run as time the user set it to run in your computer. Substratum node can run when you are on or off.

  3. Cryptopay
    This is a new version payment system introduce on the substratum network. This cryptopay add value to SUB coin. How do cryptopay payment system add great valve to SUB coin? Substratum provides payment gateways to any site, who want to receive payment with cryptocurrency. The site can receive any Cryptocurrency and fait currency payment which is converted to SUB coin to the site wallet. This gives the SUB coin high value as a function of conversion.
    Substratum is the next generation web, with no restriction of getting or searching for content. Purely decentralized and where people all over the globe can earn money by participating in running nodes. This substratum network is more beneficial to the world and create rooms to employ millions of people globally. This project will be launched between late of 2017 and early 2018
    What do you think about Substratum Network?
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