#sublimesunday: A visit to my local farmer's market

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It is Sunday... and Sundays are always sublime!

Thank you to @c0ff33a for initiating this tag #sublimesunday.

I live is a relatively small town and the once-a-week Farmers' Market in my town are tiny.

All photos and gifs are mine.

Also, only the local farmers are invited to sell their products in my town's Farmers' Market. The fruits and vegetables available all locally grown and only that which are in season. Produce can be pricey from this Farmers' Market.

My town is very family oriented. There are activities for kids and a third of the booths cater to children.

but my most favortie of all is this food truck

😍Shaved Ice!!!!😍

Shaved Ice with tropical fruit flavors surely made my day sublime!

Thank you for viewing this article. I post every day, and I hope to see you again soon!

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😊I hope you had a #sublimesunday!!!😊

Hugs and Kisses 🤗💕💋!
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So cool! Looks like you had a great time. Sublime!

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I had a wonderful time!!! I hope your Sunday was great, and your coming week to be terrific, my friend 😀. Take care.

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Yummie! If only our garden website was in English you could read what we all do there. But you can check some pics.

Thank you for the link! You have a beautiful operation there. I took this from your website for others to see.
Photos from Goldrooster's Garden Website

I got have Market but it's a little far to get to without a car. But I get to see those people who actually supply the produce, many are hobby farms as big corporations control the bulk of the industry here.

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I am convinced that it is good to support the local growers, especially the small farmers, and buy from small local businesses.
There was one season, about early fall, I volunteered with other ladies to pick tomatoes and other vegetables leftover from the main harvesting actiity. And then we distributed them to the poorer households in the county (and had to call the food bank because we gathered so much)

Very Nice Ms. Saver

Thank you, @stokjockey.

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Thanks, @thejollyroger.

Muy bonitos todo, espero ver tu próximo post.

Muchas gracias for stopping by and leaving a comment. I appreciate you, my friend. Have a great week ahead!😀

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Goodness, Lady! I KNOW you are even better in person... but

WOW 😻❣❤❗😘💕💖💝💋😉😍😻😋

U really make the MOJIs POP!

Hehehe, so I took another photo with me smiling for the cartoon to look more upbeat like that of @saffisara and @kerrislravenhill and @dfinney (because the first one I took just is w/o expression, I thought) and the app just does everything. maybe that is why you think that this mojo pop. It is just a cartoon, @underground, but so much fun. Thanks for the comment. But did you know that @tbnfl4sun has been doing bitmojis here on his blogs for as long as I started here?

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Very cool. I've always wanted to setup at our local farmers market. Not going to happen this year with the late garden I got in. Hope you enjoyed your shaved ice!

Hehehe, I ate the shaved ice so fast that I was having brain freeze and chest freeze all through the cup of shaved ice! As you will see in the photos, some booths were by homesteads and small farms. If not this year, perhaps next growing season you will be selling the produce from your garden. Small farmers’ markets are fun! It is so interesting to visit with the farmer. I don’t know if I was able to take photos of the eggplants. I asked the farmer which of the different eggplants from his farm had the best taste. And he told me that the ones with lighter skin was milder and delicate in flavor. Interesting!

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